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Author Topic: Tips on How to Make a Good Task Force Thread  (Read 760 times)

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Tips on How to Make a Good Task Force Thread
« on: Aug 18, 2018, 09:48 PM »
Hello Commander:

I hear you are trying to build a force to help take down the evil Blackguard. A good recruitment thread can definitely help you on your path. I am sure you want to make the best possible recruitment thread, so here are some tips on how to make your thread as great as possible.

Tips For Recruiting:

Tip 1: Use Pictures

Putting a picture on your thread has two great perks.

  1. Helps other commanders to find your Task Force based on your Task Force’s badge.
  2. Provides Important information like your Task Forces ID, description, and other information to help you find the right commander.

Tip 2: Provide Important Information

It is a good idea to provide relevant information to your Task Force: Such information includes:

  1. Name of Task Force(of course)
  2. Task Force Tag
  3. Size of Task Force and how many slots are currently open in your Task Force
  4. What operations you do most often
  5. What you want from a player (statue lineup, level of player, minimum amount of victory points, the amount of intel you want a player to collect per week, how often a commander needs to attack or even level of landing crafts and troops)
  6. Any other unique information about your Task Force (for example, if you are in the top 50 on the task force leaderboard, have an age limit, or just like fancy socks).

It is also recommended to keep your important information first. Consider using the order above.

Tip 3: Keep it simple

A wise man once said “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it.” It is advisable to keep your thread down to the facts and requirements.



Task Force Tag:#9UUU9R9C

5 man team

4 slots currently open

Daily Forlorn Hope


-Level 15 (XP) with all ice statues: Boosting NOT required

-1200 VP

-10 Intel per week

-Maxed offense for your level

-Must attack at least 2x per week

-Must be able to cooperate with other players and speak English (the “other things”)

Tip 4: Make use of your daily bump

When doing your ONE permitted daily bump, add more than just a “daily bump” or “plz join us”. Some good things you can put in the bumps are:

  1. Updates to your Task Force information (if you need more players or have new rules)
  2. Anything creative to gather attention (but please be sure not to break any rules)


Daily Bump:

Fun Fact: Turtles are people too. Also we now have 2 slots open and will now accept people with green statues!

Tips for Merging:

For clarification, merging is generally when you take two task forces and form a 3rd one using members from the former two. This can help in a few ways:

  1. When you have two Task Forces with too little manpower, so they all combine into one bigger task force.
  2. When a Task Force has too many members and wants to start building a task force family.

As such, here are a few tips to making a good merging thread.

Tip 1: Provide information about your CURRENT Task Force

If you put in your current Task Force information, potential mergers can find you, meet you, and potentially make a deal to merge with your Task Force

Things like Task Force Tags, Pictures, and of course the name of your Task Force are great things to add.

Tip 2: Be Specific

It is a good idea to state EXACTLY what you want from a merge. This includes many things, such as what size the new task force will be, how many people do you need for a merge, who gets promotions in the new task force, and details/expectations of your new Task Force!

For Example:

I want to merge my exampleTF with another Task Force to form a new Task Force. I am making a new 10 man task force called the “Blue Bunnies” and need 8 more people. I will be the leader, but will offer the leader of the other Task Force to become a co-leader!

Tip 3: Reply to any offer you get:

It is encouraged to respond to any commander to may be interested in merging. Try to answer their questions, be polite, and ultimately decide if merging with the other commander’s task force is your best bet. Just kindly note that if you want to carry out a full conversation, it is best to do this via private messaging or visitor messaging (as conversations on the thread count as bumping).

Tip 4: You do NOT have to go with the first offer you receive

Respect and politeness are fundamental qualities to any good person and task force leader and it is always encouraged to treat others well. This said, if someone does make an offer, you do NOT have to accept it. If there is a part of an offer you do not like or you do not feel merging with a certain leader is a good idea, you can politely decline and wait for another offer.

Tip 5: Use your daily bump

Like above, it is a good idea to use your daily bump to either show changes in your details, show if you have any pending offers/offers you may be interested in, reply to someone, or just write something that gathers attention (forum rules still apply).

I hope I was able to help commander. I wish you the best of luck in your own task force and may your health points stay high!

Many thanks to Bakunin for helping me make this thread!

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