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Author Topic: 10 Man Swedish speaking Task Force Megalomani #9G0LGUPL looking for active members  (Read 65 times)

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Hello, NoSleep here!
I am the leader of the task force Megalomani #9G0LGUPL.
We are currently a 10 man taskforce with 3 slots open for new players.

The operation we are currently doing is Sour Grapes, but as players go up in level and upgrade their troops / offense etc we take on bigger and bigger operations.
When we manage to get full points on an operation consistently, we up the difficulty.
This task force is both a great place for you to grow, and a great place for you to take on new challenges in boom beach.

We are looking for committed players. We do not demand that you make a perfect attack each time, but since we run operations damn well near daily we expect you to make that daily attack more often than not.
You do not need to be a maxed out player to join. You do not need to VP push to a certain level to join either.
Our lowest members are at level 48 and 49, and the highest members are maxed out or close to being maxed out.
We do expect you to at least collect the intel from a few NPCs and supply chests each day.
Your statue lineup is important, as well as your landing craft levels and troop levels.
However, them not being maxed for your current HQ level is not a dealbreaker.
The daily rewards from the operations have helped many of our members quickly get their landing crafts and troops up to max for their HQ level.

Even if you run with 8 Ice statues because you are trying to get the Strategist achievement, there can still be a place for you here.
We still believe that you can contribute by finishing a damaged power core for example.
But we do recommend our players to run with a majority of red and purple statues for obvious reasons.
The in-game chat is kept mostly to Swedish due to big age variances and not everybody understanding English fluently.
So being able to at least understand written Swedish is a requirement to join.
We ask you to join us if you are an active player and if you are  looking for a friendly bunch of players to grow and develop your boom beach skills together with.

Fun facts about us from the OP stats:

We have been active for the past 217 days, with a total amount
of 199 operations started in that time.

The most force points we ever had was 7332.

Historically, we have had an average success rate of 49% on operations.

The last 30 days we had a success rate of 68%.

The highest we have ever been on the leaderboards was position 1429 as a 5 man task force, and shortly after that we expanded into a 10 man task force and are now aiming to break into the top 2000 soon.

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Bump to all the swedes here!