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Author Topic: 25 Man Storm Force TF- 25 man- Relaxed and Active  (Read 214 times)

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Storm Force TF- 25 man- Relaxed and Active
« on: Aug 19, 2018, 09:40 AM »

*Storm Force™ Needs You*

25 member TF

We are a family friendly, no hassle, well established and highly activeTF now recruiting to top up our membership.

If you are an enthusiastic team player, no matter what troops you use and are after a long term place in stable Task Force, then come and join us.

Attack in all OP'S AND NEVER RETREAT (except
Medics)...No exceptions.No light boats etc...

▪ SWEAT...
Daily op's

Gain the maximum amount of Intel possible each week

Be polite and courteous to others- We will not tolerate bullying, trolling or inflammatory remarks of any kind

Refrain from using bad language - we all feel the need to let off an expletive every now and again, but be reminded that this is a family game and children do play/read the chat

Any player not abiding by these rules or is deemed to not be contributing fully may be removed from the TF

Any member who is going on holiday or will be unavailable for some reason must post in chat and make sure you get an acknowledgement.

Weekly awards for highest intel
Join the onesie club
Try not to get the jellyfish for saddest OP attack
Dave's legendary OP notes
Most importantly Have Fun!

We currency need players over 600 VP.

TF id: Storm Force #90PRQRJY

TF Leader

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Re: Storm Force TF- 25 man- Relaxed and Active
« Reply #1 on: Aug 25, 2018, 01:18 PM »
We have a couple of new places available, 
Pull up a comfy chair and join us before tonight's op starts