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Author Topic: 50 Man Spartans of BB | Easy going 50-man TF | Looking for 5+ long term members  (Read 95 times)

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Spartans of BB (#YU8PQY)
50 Member TF  -- with 10 slots open

We like to do Curtain Call when intel is plenty.
400 VP minimum

About us
We are easy going and understand that there is life outside of Boom Beach.  Players can attack ops with any troop they like.  No statue boost needed except for players who attack with tanks.

Our goals
A lot of us want to get better at All Zooka and push on to the harder ops like Dead End.

The fine print
All levels welcome
Minimum 30 Intel per week

Participate in 75% of ops
Always deploy troops, never retreat
Tank players okay but must boost 8 red/purple offense statues during ops.
Chat is optional, but we find it helpful for coordinating attacks.
Bring in 500 intel and become an officer!
We don't sabotage.