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Author Topic: 10 Man Looking for new players for a great laid back group that's active.  (Read 32 times)

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Have a task force that's been around for 4 or 5 years. Had a good group of players for a long time. Recently a couple members have retired from the game. The last couple of months we have been getting people joining that don't attack. We are pretty active as far as weekly missions. Average between 6 to 7 a week. Everyone is an adult, very relaxed group. I've seen other task forces in the past that demand players to collect x amount of Intel, or tell you that you have to boost statues, or complain if someone has a poor attack. We aren't that type of group. We always say you play your game however you want, it's your game. As far as Intel, you collect whatever you collect.  If you have a bad attack, whatever, we all have them. The only thing we ask, be a team player be active. Have everyone's back as they have yours as well. We understand it's just a game. Life gets busy at times. In the past if anyone was going out of town, or their job was getting busy. They would drop a note in chat saying they might not be around for so many days. Then we adjust our strategy during that time. The purpose of this game is for entertainment.
 Talk about whatever you want in chat. Joke around. We don't kick people out (unless someone joins and never attacks,we are very fair but we aren't charity givers). We want to be solid again. The name of the task force is Dream Theater. Task force tag #228QG90V. We have 5 open spots. Come join. Hopefully we can have 10 great players once again.

If you do decide to give us a shot. Please be patient while we fill up these spots with people that understand the greater picture here. To have 10 players with the same mindset. Teamwork.
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