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Author Topic: Cloudburst VP Pushing Apprentices Wanted - Tin Man TF #9VC0LVLV  (Read 92 times)

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Offline Whirlwind

Come learn a new way to VP Leaderboard push by using saved radar clouds and statue swapping. No super human attack skills required. Join me on my quest to reach Global Top 10 with 2000+vp in a 60 day period.

Yes we are a ten man tf, pun intended  ;D
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Offline Whirlwind

What is a cloudburst?  It’s when you are building a new account and you hold off on Radar upgrades with the intent of saving them for later during a vp push to give a large increase from newly exposed bases from opening clouds. My calculations say Radar 7 thru 20 has vp potential for nearly 300 point gain. This also includes several Hammerman bases, vp chests, resource bases, etc.
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