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Author Topic: 50 Man BOOM EMPIRE | 400 vp requirement | Daily ops | Friendly TF | #2PYV2PJQ  (Read 19 times)

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Offline TheMartian

Hi everyone

If you play daily, have at least 400 vp and you're looking for an active and friendly task force, BOOM EMPIRE may be for you. TF tag: #2PYV2PJQ

All types of players are welcome, but we're increasingly in need of smooka players, so we encourage everyone to practice this attack strategy. We recommend players to be working towards an mostly red/purple statue setup (no green, minimal ice), to emphasize offensive over defensive.

We alternate between Choke Point and Curtain Call these days.

We do have a few rules that all members must follow:

1.Never miss a failed op
2.Never retreat
3.Read and follow op notes
4.Minimum intel is 30/week (Most are above this)

Some stats:

Stronghold 100% Success
Choke Point 95% Success
Curtain Call 75% Success

Hope to see you there. :)

-The Martian


Offline TheMartian

Update to bump and add a screenshot.
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