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Author Topic: 50 Man All welcome! Daily ops! Dead End & Deep Cut - No Pressure - Christian TF! 400+VP  (Read 192 times)

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"Strong people don't put each other down, they lift them up"

Jesus 1 King

TF TAG#L0G2G8U - Task force created 1,300+ days ago, we aren't going anywhere!

There are enough things in our life to pressure us / stress us out. A game shouldn't be one of them.

All we ask for are daily attacks in our ops, grab some intel, and spend some time in chat!

We do not put down if an attack wasn't the greatest, we'll give advice. We don't expect perfect attacks every time, but we do expect smart attacks. We do not use profanity. We keep it clean & family friendly; and due to that if you have a derogatory name, unless changed we will not be able to coexist.

Our goal is to praise, pray, and uplift!

We are not interesting in the "end game". We aren't interesting in being competitive on the leader boards or vs other TFs. We are not going to force certain troop types, statues, boosting, etc. (unless we are doing a fun op with certain troops), but like mentioned above, we do expect smart attacks! That might help setup AZ/etc.

We are doing dead end currently. Working towards Deep Cut soon.

Love, grace & peace to all.
God Bless and Glory to the King!

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Update Bump :)

We have had a handful of folks retire/and or take a little break. So we've lowered VP down 200 (for a short amount of time). We are at  31/50 members at the moment.

Our main OP is choke point currently. Working towards filling back up and advancing up to curtain call next down the road.

If you're looking to relax from the stress of the higher end TF's, or looking to learn while growing within the game, or just want some good fellowship. Check us out! Have fun and contribute to the team! God Bless!

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We've been busy!! 5 Spots are open! We are hovering around 19-21k FPs and jump between Dead end and Deep Cut usually. Daily ops!

We usually have a "fun" op once a week and scripture Sunday!

We are about GOD first, FAMILY second, then everything else....   

We are a Christian TF and proud of it! If you need prayer, bring it here!  Participation required.

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Spots available!  Running between curtain call and dead end at the moment. 8 Spots open currently.

Everyone welcomed! Must chat & attack in ops!  Looks us up and stop by! Or if you are just in need of prayer, stop by and let us do that for you!
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UPDATE - 6 spots available - entry at 500+ VP - Doing DE lately daily. Looking to start trying Deep Cut soon! All Welcome! Any prayer requests? Come on in!!

Like above stated, looking for team mates that will participate in OPs/intel and more importantly to US is in CHAT/fellowship!


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Update!  We are doing Deep Cut at least twice a week currently. VP is at 300, but probably going back up  to 400 or 500 soon. See above posts for more details. Basically though we are just looking for members to add to our great christian fellowship! Family environment, no cursing. Must participate in ops/intel AND CHAT. Or if you don't want any of that, and could just use some prayer, please stop by and let us pray for you! 

All welcome!