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Author Topic: 50 Man SIGMA | 500 vp requirement | Daily ops | Friendly TF | #2LOCOC8  (Read 93 times)

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Hi everyone

If you play daily, have at least 500 vp and you're looking for an active and friendly task force, SIGMA may be for you. TF tag: #2LOCOC8

All types of players are welcome, but we're increasingly in need of smooka players, so we encourage everyone to practise this attack strategy. We prefer players without green and blue statues, since offensive statues will benefit everyone during ops.

We can beat Dead End fairly easily. Just managed to beat our first Deep Cut.

We do have a few rules that all members must follow:

1.Speak English, so we can all understand each other
2.Never miss a failed op
3.Never retreat
4.Read and follow op notes

Hope to see you there. :)
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Just completed our first Dead End. In only 24 attacks.

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3 openings for the moment.

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Just beat our first Deep Cut! Still have a few openings.

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Offline plindboe

We have 2 openinngs for the mo.