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Author Topic: Update incoming - happy beachmas!  (Read 55 times)

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Update incoming - happy beachmas!
« on: Dec 18, 2017, 12:00 AM »
 We’ve received intel on an update - and it’s going to be a cold one!
 Winter Celebration - Happy Beachmas!

 The cold winds of winter have reached your shores. Player bases are now coated in snow, with seasonal music that does not spare on the bells!
 A free Beachmas Tree decoration will also be made available for all Commanders who log in during the holiday period, and with this update you will also gain access to a temporary Gun Boat Ability - the Cryo Bomb!
 New Prototroops

 When you have reached HQ 15, you will gain access to three mysterious new tank blueprints from the Trader, codenamed ‘Prototroops’.
 The Trader will occasionally be selling new temporary tanks in the form of Prototroop Blueprints. You can buy 1 day worth of Prototroop blueprint access at a time, and a total of 5 days total access overall.
 Keep an eye out for Prototroop offers - Prototroop Blueprints will not be available at every Trader visit!
 There will be three different Prototroops available from the Trader, and each tank will have unique, experimental weaponry!
 The Trader has provided us with some information about each tank below:
 Lazor Cutter: Fires a powerful lazor beam that can pass through several buildings at once.
 Rain Maker
 Make it rain!: Fires an explosive mortar shell from a long distance.
 Slow but steady: Very slow fire rate - don’t rely on these tanks to net you a speedy victory!
 Critter Cannon
 Critter Cannon: Launches clusters of Critters with each shot!
 Minesweeper: These Critters can also clear mines.
 The below intel applies to all versions of Prototroops:
 Limited Edition!
 Prototroops will be available for a set time limit after you have bought them, and will no longer be usable after this time expires. You can view how much time remains for Prototroop availability from the Gun Boat selection loadout.
 Prototroops - just like other tanks… sort of!
 Other than the time limit, Prototroops work like every other troop. They can be loaded onto Landing Crafts, and can be retrained if lost in an attack. Endless Reserves also works with Prototroops! Like other tanks, Prototroops cost Gun Boat Energy to launch.
 Auto-upgrade Technology comes pre-installed as standard!
 Prototroops are designed to automatically upgrade alongside your Armory level. This auto-upgrade functionality allows you to spend more time blowing things up!


  • Resources from boats can now also be collected with one tap!
  • A new Decorations tab to store... decorations for your base!
  • A strange ‘turtle’ can now be spotted on your beach…
  • More (25) player-made Blackguard Base Builder bases added!
  • Optimisation for iPhone X


  • Fixed an error (Server Error 2) that caused widespread disconnects during Task Force Operations
  • Fixed disobedient Doom Cannons healing enemy troops
  • Fixed issue where Armory upgrades awarded incorrect XP amounts
  • Fixed rare instances where Armory upgrades were cancelled when rushing another upgrade
  • Various other bug fixes