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Author Topic: Update: "The Freezing Menace"  (Read 170 times)

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Update: "The Freezing Menace"
« on: Jun 10, 2016, 01:00 AM »
Quote from: 'Tim[Supercell
 Undersea Adventure:
 - Hunt for treasure under the waves with a brand new Submarine!
 - Find dive locations on your map, and send the Submarine to retrieve sunken treasure
 - Find out more about dive locations and the Submarine HERE
 Shock and Awe:
 - Give attackers a jolt with Shock Launcher, a new high-level defensive building
 - Enemy troops in the area of effect will be temporarily stunned. Stop rushing Warriors in their tracks!
 For the War Effort:
 - Your efforts to fight the Blackguard are now rewarded daily! More Victory Points give you a bigger reward
 - Added a special victory reward for raiding the top 3 players on the global leaderboard
 Information Warfare:
 - An all-new daily report in the Enemy Activity pane shows the number of times your home base was scouted, attacked and raided by the enemy
 - Victory reward of an enemy base is now visible as a map popup after the island has been scouted
 - Player opponent's Victory Points are now visible when scouting
 - Mine damage is now displayed when scouting
 Chill Out:
 - A mysterious cold spell has swept across the archipelago, and ice now covers all islands in the Northern region of the map
 - Ice Power Stones only appear on frozen islands
 - Island graphics improved and optimized
 - Find out all about the new Ice Islands HERE!
 Visual Upgrades:
 - New Rocket Launcher graphics
 - New graphics and visual tweaks for Boom Cannon and Cannon
 - Machine Gun graphics and effect tweaks
 - Rockets from rocket launcher and gunboat barrage now weave in-flight
 The Envelope Button:
 - Find out what it does HERE
 Balance Changes:
 - There were several loot changes made, find out what they were HERE
 - Removed the frequency of PvP invasion decrease after 800 VPs
 - Increased the time it takes before you can be attacked while online to 5 hours from 4 hours
 - Attacking is disabled after 5 hours of total playtime within a 24 hour period (this is to stop an exploit where some players were attacking bases for the full 4 minutes, without deploying any troops, so they became un-attackable for an inflated amount of time)
 - Tuned the Warrior: less damage and self-heal per hit, but more health. Also, increased cost and training time
 - Reduced Medic healing speed and amount
 - Shock Bomb price increased to 7 from 3
 Sneak Peeks:
 - Check them out HERE[/

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Re: Update: "The Freezing Menace"
« Reply #1 on: Sep 02, 2018, 08:11 PM »
Undersea adventure  HERE =   Dive Locations? Submarine?

Balance Updates HERE =  Post  #136 

Thread  Poll: What  HQ level do you feel stuck at?
The Envelope Button Here =  What does the envelope button do?
Removed the frequency  of PVP invasion decrease after 800VPs

Sneak Peeks HERE = https://boombeachforum.com/index.php?topic=3347.0

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