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Author Topic: June Update: Incoming!  (Read 391 times)

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June Update: Incoming!
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 01:00 AM »
We will shortly be entering a maintenance to launch the new update. Below you can find all that the update is bringing with it!


 A brand new Operation, the most challenging in the game to date, has been discovered along Hammerman’s vast factory shoreline. To take it out, you will need to be part of a Task Force!
 New operation: Duplexity
 8 new maps with DUAL POWER CORES!
 Harmony, Jawline, Motherboard, Deja Vu, Trinity, Runway, Winged, Spine.
 These maps will ONLY be available on the Duplexity Operation.
 All you need to know about the new Operation:
  • Total bases per Operation: 7
  • Dual core bases: 4
  • Single core bases: 3
  • Force Points for Operation completion:: 2160
  • 4 Dual Core maps are randomly selected out of the new 8 to appear on Operation: Duplexity.
  • New max leaderboard score: 43,200

 Dr. Kavan & Sgt. Brick now have an extra upgradable level, and with these come brand new levels to their abilities!
 Sgt. Brick
 Level 23: HP 5560, Upgrade Cost 8500000, Upgrade time 43h, Damage per second 346
 Grenade Spammer: 1850
 Cluster Grenade level 6: Damage 6454, Secondary Damage 646, Upgrade cost 128 tokens, Upgrade time 128h
 Battle Orders level 6: Speed Boost 60%; Damage Boost 30; Upgrade cost 128 tokens, Upgrade time 128h
 Iron Will level 6: Armor Boost 68%, Upgrade cost 128 tokens, Upgrade time 128h
 Dr. Kavan
 Level 19: HP 2610; Upgrade Cost 8328000; Upgrade Time 43h; Healing per second: 85;
 Galvanising Presence damage reduction: 12%
 Crystal Critters Level 6: Critter count 15; Upgrade cost 128 tokens, Upgrade time 128h
 Ice Shields Level 6: Duration 11s; Shield 600; Upgrade cost 128 tokens, Upgrade time 128h
 Second Wind level 6: Housing space 24; Upgrade cost 128 tokens, Upgrade time 128h

  • Each Tribe Bonus will now contain more detailed information about what it does
  • Visual/duration issues for several Tribes now fixed

  • Endless Reserves has now been renamed Instant Training
  • Boom Cannon visuals have been updated for every upgrade level
  • Sky Shield is now more visible in snowy environments
  • Fixed an issue where certain Chinese characters were not being displayed properly
  • Sky Shield now benefits from building HP boosts
  • Smoke can no longer pass through Sky Shield
  • Flotsam Cannon no longer kills troops once the HQ is destroyed in PvP
  • Various other fixes & improvements