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Author Topic: Boom Beach - March Update 2018 Patch Notes!  (Read 214 times)

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Boom Beach - March Update 2018 Patch Notes!
« on: Mar 27, 2018, 01:00 AM »
 Welcome Commanders, to the March Update for Boom Beach!
 Here is a full list of what you’ll be able to find in this update…
 With this update comes a monthly Mega Crab into the monthly event schedule for Boom Beach.
 What is the Mega Crab? The Mega Crab is one of Dr. T’s most dastardly superweapons, a crustacean hellbent on deconstruction! It is the ultimate test of a Commander’s skill, and a great chance to earn a boatload of extra resources! Formed of seemingly endless stages, players will battle for the top spot on the leaderboard against increasingly difficult defense layouts!
 Each monthly Mega Crab will be a unique event, each with unique stage bonuses. Information about each Mega Crab will be available before it starts!
 Players can earn one of four UNIQUE trophy Decorations per Mega Crab. Awarded by the hardest trophy to gain will be the Diamond trophy (followed by Gold, Iron, and Stone). Owners of this trophy will truly show their experience as the ultimate Boom Beach Commander!
 As each Mega Crab will have unique trophies, once the Mega Crab is gone, the chance of earning those unique trophies are as well!
 Something’s stirring in the Weapon Lab… five new Proto Defenses have been added!
 They won’t all be immediately available however - the Weapon Lab has been updated to have a rotation of six different Prototype Defenses available to players every week!
 Below are the details of the first two that will be available:

 A Heavy with a vengeance… Betrayed by a medic on the battlefield and left with one eye, S.I.M.O. seeks out those weakest on the Battlefield.

 Targets low health enemies within range. Can see through smoke with the help of Infrared sensors.

 Sky Shield

 The latest in Prototype technology, this handy building sets up an impenetrable shield against Gunboat Abilities! Until it gets blown up...

 Sets up a defensive shield around itself, protecting all buildings under the shield from Gunboat projectiles. The shield dissipates if the generator is destroyed.
 There are now a grand total of thirteen Tribe Bonuses that will be added to the Tribes, for even more mayhem. The below boosts can (and will!) be applied to specific Troop types so expect to see some potentially explosive pairings in the future. Warriors with flame damage? Yes please!

  • Gunboat Energy gained from building destruction
  • Troop speed
  • Building attack speed
  • Building life leech
  • Building flame damage (damage over time)
  • Buffed medics
  • Gunboat Ability damage
  • Gunboat Ability healing
  • Gunboat Ability ability duration
  • Gunboat Ability energy cost (reduction)
  • Gunboat Ability critter count
  • Troop life steal
  • Troop flame damage (damage over time)

 Commanders with a phobia of numbers, beware…
 Prototype Defenses:
 Mark I  - 5 days (previously 7 days)
 Mark II - 7 days (unchanged)
 Mark III - 9 days (previously 7 days)
 Shock Blaster:
 Firing rate reduced
 Hits before reload reduced from 40 to 30
 Reload time increased from 2000 to 2500
 Projectile speed increased from 2400 to 3000.
 Added training time of 24 minutes
 Increased firing rate:
 Reduced reload time from 3900 to 1200
 Critter Cannon:
 Increased amount of Critters fired:
 2 extra Critters fired per shot, per level
 Gunboat Energy cost reduced from 12 to 10
 Pvt. Bullit:
 Energy Drink: duration reduced from 6s to 4s, Health regen reduced from 50% to 35%
 Taunt: range reduced from 1200 to 600
 Damage reduced by 20%:
 L1 680 to 544; L2 748 to 598; L3 823 to 658; L4: 905 to 724, L5 996 to 797, L6 1095 to 876; L7 1205 to 964; L8 1325 to 1060

  • Heroes can now be added to Troop Loadouts!
  • Trader bought resource offers now overflow the same way as resources gained from Trader Crates.
  • Issue with enemy tanks changing colour has been fixed.
  • Issues with text being cut off in post-battle screens and other areas have been resolved.
  • Temporary Gunboat Abilities stats are now shown from the Gunboat when they are available.