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Task Force Recruitment / 50 Man Avengers Boom Beach Task Force
« Last post by Iggy7890 on Today at 07:28 AM »
Hey people join us to Boom Beach Task Force called Avengers  #9CUCQQPP u are welcome
General Chat / Re: Game Difficulty
« Last post by Yallik on Today at 04:29 AM »
I plan to make a video tonight or tomorrow about this, bit I've reached the conclusion that sky shields and grapplers are TERRIBLE for base designs. I think that's a part of the reason I'm finding it so easy to increase VP (even unboosted) this week.

Soooo many base designs that can be exploited, especially with Bullitt. I finished my night last night on a 4/4 HZ hit with Shock Knucks to reach a new VP high. My next-to-last hit tonight was HRZCM with Taunt. My last hit was TGM with Drink against a weird base with b two Sky Shields and a Blaster, again for a new VP high. All of these were heavily iced bases.
General Chat / Re: Are you one of the 5 million?
« Last post by Yallik on Today at 04:19 AM »
Pre registered, haven't downloaded yet.

TBH, I just want to see if there's anything remotely interesting there ...
Task Force Recruitment / 50 Man Daily OPs 50-man TF Recruiting active members
« Last post by Alex Kwong on Today at 03:17 AM »
We are 50-person task force and recruiting new members. If you have 300 VP or more and looking for an active task force 'blackbeaters' may suitable for you. Currently we doing operation Tinderbox, Bottleneck, Foxtrot & Stronghold. We have few sit available now after the weekly review. Come join us and have fun together.

TF name : blackbeaters / TF Tag: #28QJU9V

Requirements & rules:
* Able to chat in English
* Gather a minimum 20 intel per week
* Minimum of 3 op attacks per week is required
* Read and follow op notes
* No sabotaging

Currently daily OP start time is around 5:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM CET


Nope not my sort of game but then again I thought that about boom beach until I tried it 🤪
General Chat / Re: Are you one of the 5 million?
« Last post by Big Noodle on Yesterday at 11:37 PM »
No looks s h I t e
Task Force Recruitment / 25 Man "Vaapad Masters" #8GP9J2Q8 - Good Group - Daily Ops -
« Last post by valdas420 on Yesterday at 11:23 PM »
6 open spots /over 23000 vps (NO GREEN STATUES) (NO BLUES)
ops 31/30 100% (OP DE/DC)
VPS- 300
Mix Level of players Veterans teaching new players .
Looking for new team members that are willing/eager to learn Zooka.
Stress free task force.
Good Group, wont give hassle over bad Hits.
Promotions are easy if you show you are a team player.
we dont need slackers and we dont need turtles.

Members: 18/25
VPS: 23000
OPS 31/30
Success rate: 100%
Last OP : ?
Next OP: depends on intel

Telegram @valdasM
General Chat / Re: Are you one of the 5 million?
« Last post by MikeCT1020 on Yesterday at 11:12 PM »
Nope. Game looks too cartoony to me.
General Chat / Re: Imitation Game Challenge
« Last post by fritzelly on Yesterday at 10:38 PM »
Alas by the time you put up the challenge I'd already finished it.
Preplanning - just saying!

Tho thinking back with that cannon thingy it would probably be easy, forgot how much health they have
General Chat / Re: Imitation Game Challenge
« Last post by Artist formerly known as Crows Nest on Yesterday at 10:36 PM »
No one else try this?
I failed it.
Left 3k on hq stage 6, barted it
Left 3k on stage 7.
Didn’t deploy the turrets quick enough on stage 6 behind bullit.
Took too long barting stage 7 too cautious waiting to see if I could get away with less artillery (which I couldn’t)
Both stages a couple of seconds from completion 🙁
But it was fun planning.
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