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General Chat / Done with Armory upgrades.
« Last post by Giorgakis on Aug 03, 2020, 10:55 PM »
At the end of July, the last upgrade on the Boom Mines, which were the last thing left, finished. And now everything that can be done in the Armory, including the Boom Mines are maxed. Now I no longer have Gold upgrades to do so I can freely dumb it on Tribes and Submarine explorations.

On my way to upgrade my defenses. The only ones that I have maxed so far are 1 Mortar, 1 Cannon, 1 Boom Cannon, 2 Rocket Launchers and 2 Shock Launchers. More are coming every now and then. Perhaps by the end of the year, I will have finally finished them.
Hey everyone :)

This is part 2 of my ultimate guide to warships. It covers key concepts (e.g. 'tech rushing', 'the meta', etc) and discusses important upgrades in general. Enjoy!

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General Chat / Re: Roll Call Check
« Last post by Orrscores on Jul 29, 2020, 01:55 PM »
Hey Orr,

Yep, doing well.  Retired at 53.  Doing my own thing now and not stressting $$$.

Playing a lot of guitar.

How have you been?
Ahh...alright I guess...this pandemic thing really sucks. Had to cancel our scallop trip this year,not taking any chances. Still working my ass off 🤷‍♂️ havent really played my drums since shoulder replacement and surgery on my innards feeling good now at least.
General Chat / Re: Statue help for Level 32, HQ14, VP 235
« Last post by Orrscores on Jul 29, 2020, 01:50 PM »
Hello, seeking advice from more experienced players on my current statue lineup and game plan going forward.  My sculptor (max) allows for 7 slots.  Working on leveling up my tanks as I am thinking of switching from HZ.  I think I'm a balanced/aggressive player who wants to continue to progress at a fast rate knowing the resource requirements are getting high quickly.

Current setup: (MP) masterpiece (G) guardian

GBE (G) 15%, (G) 13%
RR (G) 19%
PSC (G) 29%
TD (MP) 16%, (G) 9%
TH (MP) 19%

I just built a RR (MP) 28% .  Not sure which guardian to replace RR or PSC. If I replace the PSC I figure 2 RR statues will accelerate my progress on expensive upgrades.  However, the PSC guardian is in the top of its range and overall I need to generate more MPs to get better bonuses, so the PSC may help upgrading my statues. Not sure how impactful a PSC guardian 29% is at my stage in the game. Or if I should just ditch the PSC and only place a PSC statue when I get a PSC MP. Advice?

Really want a GBE MP.  If I get one soon not sure what to replace. Probably a RR/PSC (G) as I've read that the best/fastest way to progress is by getting more wins and progressing higher on Dr. T levels.


This sounds awfully [email protected] did I already give you advice on Reddit?🤔
General Chat / Re: Instant Training Order
« Last post by Orrscores on Jul 29, 2020, 01:47 PM »
We use to be able to share IT to multiple accounts but I think they fixed it so you cant..not sure though.
Task Force Recruitment / 10 Man Need 3 more active member at Nasty Habits. #P8RQPRGR
« Last post by Jeff58 on Jul 28, 2020, 12:06 AM »
Nasty Habits, we don't have any bad habits we are good at all of them!  Come join our core group of 7 so we can get to 10 and take on foxtrot and other tough ops.  We are a tight bunch and we would like to find 3 members with at least 500 victory points and up. #P8RQPRGR.
General Chat / Re: Instant Training Order
« Last post by Treasurejam86 on Jul 26, 2020, 05:03 PM »
Should ask you when you open the other account if you want to transfer it
May need to close the game first

I logged out of my game and switched to my second account via supercell id and my other Apple ID linked to that second account loads up and no i don't see a message asking to transfer my instant training.
If you want more power stones to improve your statues then take them from your optional rewards (such as your daily and supply chests). Also do not destroy blackguard bases (when you get that option) as the most you can get from a destroyed blackguard (npc) base is 3 fragments whereas attacking and killing them gives you a significant CHANCE of more. To improve you CHANCE of getting more power stones you should have at the very least a power stone chance (psc) masterpiece. You should also make a point of doing warships and the mega crab as the rewards are significant. Join a task force and participate in their operations.
Do not ever put down blue or green statues if you are offensively minded no matter how good you think they are.
You should aim for 3 offensive masterpieces (gbe, troop damage and troop health), I advise a psc and resource reward masterpiece also. Masterpieces are harder to get and good masterpieces even harder to get but the worst masterpiece is better than the best guardian. You will easily get good guardians so don’t worry about replacing them with a masterpiece.
Many people focus on tanks and they are good for crab but I suggest developing either HZ (heavies and zookas) or RZCM (riflemen, zookas, cyroneers and medics although at your level you don’t have access to the cryoneers or medics yet). These combinations are very powerful, especially combined with smoke.
You would find great benefits in watching various Boomtubers to see how to improve your game, there are many very knowledgeable people willing to share their experiences and be receptive to their advice.

Trader tickets should only be used if you need the resources, don’t just spend them, yes your resources will be raided but the tickets will not be so think of them as an emergency bank same as your resource boat, do not click on the resource boat until you need resources as the resources build up daily and are not raided. Only attack when you need resources to build. Focus developing your heroes, some abilities are great while others are very limited, there is a wealth of information on this forum, I have said nothing that has not been said on this forum before so the search button is your friend 🙂 good luck 🍀 and feel free to ask questions on things you are not sure about.
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