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Oh no 🤦‍♂️ tell me it isn’t so...

I feel sad now 🙁

No wait I have my rzcm back, loving it, happy days, no rl health tribe, so happy 😁
General Chat / Medkit healing tribe...
« Last post by LilMiss on Today at 09:40 AM »
so.. I boosted.


So, does this mean that the total healing is increased (ie the rate remains the same as without the boost... so u get more healing)

Or  does it mean that, it just takes longer to heal your troopsie the same total amount of healing? Which is a bit.... not so good. I mean  by a 50% tribe boost not so good...
General Chat / Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Last post by Artist formerly known as Crows Nest on Today at 09:19 AM »
Cycle ending 21 jul 2019

1368 vp, 531, no boost, no ice, no protos, 48 local, 1630 global, 2812 pp, 12020 shards, 3473 Proto parts, hz t, heavy lifeleech, zooka health.

Bad cycle for me, my run of poor spawns has continued. Again no gold issues, clear map most of the time but so few pvp spawns especially during the no shield period, I lost vp almost every day. I love Critter cannons, definitely my favourite Proto troop.
Was so bored with lack of spawns I played Warships a bit and got to the diamond tier.
Lost a great player from the task force (the pretenders) to a boom break.
General Chat / Re: a warship upgrade cost question
« Last post by Brewingbeer on Today at 01:54 AM »
The 3ER level is actually much faster, pretty much gauranteed to get all 3ERs each time, which translates to 50% faster filling of chests.

Chests come every 8 hours. If you get it in 5 minutes, you have to wait 7 hours and 55 minutes for the next one. Speed is not an issue with chests.

In case you were wondering, instead of maxing barrage, I opened the third ER, went straight down the upgrade tree to zookas, and used part of my 1.2 million upgrade tokens to max them.
Task Force Recruitment / Re: Recruiting Active/Fun Players
« Last post by Ratton98 on Yesterday at 11:14 PM »
Understand...we would like to keep our name since it has significance with our group.  Keep in touch, a merge may be in our future.  Good luck.
Task Force Recruitment / Re: Recruiting Active/Fun Players
« Last post by MeetYourMakerr on Yesterday at 06:28 PM »
Hey thanks for the quick reply! We are in the same situation, about 12 slots open (I can open more if needed), but we want to keep our top random where they are.

I'm guessing you probably would like the same thing. Yeah our requirements look the same, which is great. Casual, but daily ops are a must, and everything you already covered.

Lets keep this discussion open, maybe we can figure something out! If you guys would ever want to come over, I could make room, I would be happy to make you a co-leader as well, and a few of your top guys, I would be more than happy to make officers. Just something to think about.

Hopefully through talks, we can figure out a good merge for us, and have one great task force.

Thanks again for the quick reply and invite!
Task Force Recruitment / Re: Recruiting Active/Fun Players
« Last post by Ratton98 on Yesterday at 03:49 PM »
I have 10 slots open in my TF that we are reforming.  Interested in joining us? 
Eternal Echoes

We have similar philosophy and just ask members to get their HQ level in intel weekly and attack daily.  Pretty minimal requirements.  I hope you check us out.
Task Force Recruitment / 25 Man Recruiting Active/Fun Players
« Last post by MeetYourMakerr on Yesterday at 01:13 AM »
Currently doing a Task Force re-structuring to grow with active members only. We won't be asking you to join discord, or any chat apps. We all have busy lives, so the game itself is enough to be active on.

Come have fun, join a more casual task force that also puts in the OP work.

Tag # 8GRYU0PG
Off Topic / Re: Jerky Genie Game
« Last post by MikeCT1020 on Jul 20, 2019, 10:15 PM »
Space balls wasn't it?

Orr wins the prize. Unfortunately since it’s up to me to supply and pay for the prize, Orr gets nothing.

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