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Author Topic: The Top 5 Best Strategies In The Game  (Read 40 times)

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The Top 5 Best Strategies In The Game
« on: Oct 02, 2018, 01:32 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I hear there are a bunch a new players on the forums who need lots of love and catering like plants to flourish. While I am a busy robot, er I mean person, I am here to add my part in showing you those OP Strats that only the top players use. Please note this list is 100% serious and I am brave enough to post this despite all the top players blackmailing me not to. Illuminati confirmed?!

5. Heavy Tank

Its like heavy and zookas, but even better. Its real simple, the heavies do the damage and the tanks hit it where it hurts. The difference between this and HZ? Well here if the rocket launcher or mortar decides to shoot over your heavies, the tanks can just eat the darn thing and your raid isn't over in one shot. In addition, tanks do more damager per shot, so you can really put the work into those buildings.

4. All Cryoneers

One of my personal favorites, you almost need not put thought into this OP Strat. Just load all of your chilly Sallys into your boats, land them on the beach, and watch as they practically stop all defenses from attacking at all. In addition, they are actually intelligent, so if they feel they aunt making progress on the HQ, they may just run and quickly take down a few defenses and get that extra GBE.
Bonus Facts:

-Land cryoneers on beaches with lost of defenses in the front. Why you ask? Simple, they are called hot beaches so the chill gals are just the perfect match for such a base
-Cryoneers are especially good against shock blasters. This is because their blue coloration confuses the blaster and prevents it from firing. #nerf the cryo

3. Grenadiers and Warriors.

Ever try a warrior hit, but failed due to that sneaky shock mine? Worry no more, for the price of 8 warriors you can bring your very own mine sweepers to clear the path of hidden mines, keeping your warriors safe. Even better news, if you spend just a little extra GBE, you can use them as distractions when the warriors attack. No mines, no need for private Bullit, I think you can see why this is so OP.

2. One of every boat:
-Also called the YOLO by many, this strategy comes in different forms, but to maintain high amounts of damage, I recommend keeping medics out of the equation (you don't have enough boats for all, #feelsbadman). Why is this strategy good? Well it is simple math. When you bring a troop, you have the power of that troop, lets call that x. Now if you bring 8 different troops into battle, now you have 8x the power. Its like having 8 different waves of power to crush your opponents. You almost never lose. I should note the the cryoneer is so OP, it makes this strategy about (only) 6x as good as the all cryoneers. Honestly, I don't know why this isn't used more as many youtubers like the chicken and former Nick@Nite have showcased this strategy so many times, but for some reason everyone ignores it. I mean for real, chicken has all diamond statues and always turns to strategies like this vs Hammerman, but no one has seen the obvious (until now, since I have opened your eyes). That said, if an opponent has a REALLY good defense, they can beat this, but it has no chance against

#1. One Rifleman:

The god of all strategies. Very few can harness the true power of the one rifleman, and since it is so hard to master there is very little footage to show its true potential. Nevertheless, I aim to serve this community well and found a confirmed clip of the #1 base being taken down by the best strategy known to boomers.


This is a confirmed clip. Also note that Bootramp is a former #1 ranked player, so you know he does only the best. In order to have a chance at mastering boom beach via this strategy, you must first master the other 4 on this list, but once you do, you too can unlock the full potential of the one rifleman and become the top player in your taskforce and possibly the world.

You may notice that none of these list contains heros. Why? Simply because heros are a liability and honestly don't help. They take up landing space and suck up your GBE to not be horrible. My experience is if you bring kavan, you can at least know to shoot him down with an artillery should you accidentally deploy him.I hope this helps and please reply to this thread telling me your results. Ill bet you feel like a better boomer already just from reading this.
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Re: The Top 5 Best Strategies In The Game
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 Very enlightening! Thank for this great guide!
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