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Author Topic: 5 Man Why "I need a Task Force" threads are pointless  (Read 32 times)

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Why "I need a Task Force" threads are pointless
« on: Sep 01, 2019, 02:12 PM »
I know that this sub forum is very useful. It allows Task Force owners to check these players and possibly recruit them to their Task Forces.

However I find this sub forum pointless, for a couple of reasons

1) There's all sorts of Task Force recruitment threads in Task Force Recruitment. One could just look through those threads and see if they are a good Task Force.
2) People who want to advertise their Task Force may post in that thread months after you posted it. Not only have you most likely found a new Task Force, but that is a necro for the person who just brought it back, temporarily pushing down other threads out of page 1 in Recent discussions.
Because of these points, I find searching for a Task Force by requesting an invite pointless and I request deletion of this sub forum.
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