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Author Topic: *** READ BEFORE POSTING: Task Force Recruitment Subforum Rules ***  (Read 487 times)

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In addition to the Main Forum Rules, the following rules also apply in this subforum:

If you are recruiting in this forum both you and your Task Force agree to the following.

Each Task Force can have ONE thread. This Task Force thread can be bumped no more than once every 24hrs.

What does this mean?

One Recruitment Thread

Each Task Force is allowed ONE recruitment thread - EITHER a [Recruiting Members] thread OR a [Merge Request] thread.

That is ONLY one thread per task force, not one per person in the TF, not one for each day of the week or any other variation. You are NOT allowed to run both a recruitment thread and a merge thread simultaneously.

Task Force families have a choice. They can either:

  1. have ONE thread per TF in the family which references that TF only OR
  2. have ONE thread covering the whole family which references all TFs

Bump No More Than Once A Day

The THREAD can be bumped once a day. That is once every 24hrs.

If one of your task force members have bumped it already it CANNOT be bumped again.

If you have used your thread to reply to a post, it CANNOT be bumped again.

All "Friendly bumps" count as a bump.

Do Not Use Recruitment Threads As A Means To Communicate

Do not use posts
in a recruitment thread as a mechanism to have a conversation as that bumps the thread - use VM or PM to communicate with the thread owner or the member who has most recently bumped the thread.


Q. Can I bump the thread once an hour if I delete the previous bump?
A. NO. Absolutely not.

The purpose of bumping a thread is to bring it to the top of the first page. To be fair to everyone every task force should have a chance to appear at the top. By continually bumping your thread you push other recruitment threads down. That is not fair.

Q. What is a "Friendly Bump"?
A. A "Friendly Bump" is when a forumer bumps another Task Force's thread. This could be because they were previously in the TF or are in a sister/ main / feeder clan.

Q. Someone friendly bumped my Task Force's thread - can I still bump my thread?
A. No. Absolutely not.

A thread can be 'bumped' once a day. It doesn't matter if it is by a TF member or not.

Q. I need to update my recruitment thread / merge request thread. Can I start a new thread?
A. No. Absolutely not.

You can update your Opening Post with the new information by using the 'edit function.' You can also edit any post you write.

Q. But I can't change my thread title/delete my old thread. Can I start a new thread?
A. No, you cannot.

You need to think carefully about the title you chose. It should state the name of the Task Force and its Tag if you are recruiting / looking to merge. Do not put information in there that you may want to change at a later date. Only a moderator can change a thread's title. I can do it as a "One Off" if there is a good reason.

Q. I am recruiting members and also want to merge. Can I have two threads?
A. No. Absolutely not.

You need to decide whether you want a [Recruiting Members] thread or a [Merge Request] thread before you start to recruit. You cannot have both simultaneously. You can PM me to close one if you wish to change. Main forum rule no.4 refers.

Q. I want a new prefix. Can I start a new thread?
A. No, you cannot.

As above, you need to decide whether you want a [Recruiting Members] thread or a [Merge Request] thread before you start to recruit.

Q. I have left my Task Force and want to start a new recruitment thread for my new Task Force. Can I?
A. Yes.

You need to write the following on your recruitment thread "I am no longer in this Task Force. Moderators please close this thread" You then need to report the post and write the name of your new task force with a link to your new thread. We will then lock your old thread as soon as we are able to do so.

Q. Someone has just started their TF but they don't seem to be getting much interest on their thread. Can I tell them about my TF on their thread?

A. No. Absolutely not.

You are not allowed to advertise your TF on anyone else's [Recruiting Members] recruitment thread. (You can only respond to [Merge Request] and [Looking for a Task Force] threads with details of your TF.)

Q. Can I ask questions or post queries on other members recruitment threads?
A. No. Absolutely not.

You can respond to [Merge Request] threads with details of your TF only. All other communication between forum members in relation to recruitment threads MUST be carried out by Visitor Message or Private Message ONLY. General queries, questions, conversations, etc. must not be conducted via posts in recruitment threads.

Q. I run a family of TFs, can we mention all TFs on multiple threads?

A. No. Absolutely not.

TF families can either have separate threads for each TF within the family which reference only that TF or they can run a single thread which references all TFs within the same family. TF families cannot run multiple threads referencing all families and they cannot run a combination of single and family threads (e.g. 10 TFs in family, 8 on one thread and 2 separate threads is not permissible).

Q. Why have you written this ? It must have taken you ages!
A.Unfortunately a number of forumers have not been following the rules and have been trying to find creative ways around the rules. This is not fair to the people who do follow the rules. Because of this we have written the following recruitment rules for this sub-forum.

 - Persistent bumping and multiple posts by Task Force Members will result in the Task Force being banned from recruiting on the forums. This applies if there are more than one task force member recruiting.

  - You are responsible for ensuring that you follow the rules. If you get ANY warning or infraction relating to

your Task Forces thread you must let the other people in the Task Force know. If they continue to create or bump threads the Task Force will be banned from recruiting.

Anyone caught creating alt accounts will be instantly and permanently banned from the forums. Any Task Force Member caught posting on their Task Force thread pretending that they want to 'join' it will result in their Task Force being banned from recruiting on the forums.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your recruitment.
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