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Author Topic: Two serious suggestion  (Read 192 times)

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Two serious suggestion
« on: May 02, 2020, 01:58 PM »
QuickIntro: I play this game since 2014, I dont play any other Supercell game. My suggestions are based on a long time gameplay, I'm happy for the updates the devs brought, since they respected the native balance on the roots of the game.

1st. Sug. = Buy Extra time (ET) with GBE during a battle, this option would bennefict the slow troops, greens / tanks, as a gamer of them both. Since I have 3 acc. maxxed out, this option, including the TF OPs would be very much welcome and necessary.

In this sense:
R.M. (Rate multiplier) = 3.:

3 x 5.5 sec.
9 x 5.5 sec ...


2nd Sug.: Since we had Warships, I feel like this 2nd Sug. wouldn't bring a new season feeling upgrade. But I believe this should had been implanted many years ago.
QI: The Task forces are the reason I kept playing the game, back in the old days the game was very limited, simple but hard, the TF help and the op reward's was very important to a rookie get his base growing and the basic mechanichs understanding...

So my suggestion would be: Take a special look at the TF, since it's the way to keep this game addictive and more pleasure.

In my opinion the Task force would need a TF Vault, which resources cannot be withdraw by members (not even the Leader). The TF Vault would bring thousands of possibilities to the game, like, Why do my TaskForce would need a Vault?

A vault could be filled with some resources like Gold and Ores (not wood); With this resourcers you could buy Intel and some offensive prototypes or buffs, like the ones we see on events or war ships. This is a group effort maxxed out in a TaskForce.

And maybe, one day, we could have Taskforces War, because why not?
Task Force would have resourcers and Taskforce have TF Points, the ingridients for a battle (Like LVL and VP)

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Re: Two serious suggestion
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2020, 11:31 PM »
Always interesting to hear new ideas 👍🙂

I am not sure about your first suggestion, most of the time if I fail to kill a base it is not due to a lack of time, usually I have made a mistake and the defender deserves his defence. But making the assumption due to your experiences and long playtime that you and others might think otherwise I ask the question I always ask. What is the advantage for supercell to pay money to implement this? Either not implementing it is costing them money or implementing it will make them money. So I thought rather than gbe maybe it should be diamonds so that supercell could potentially make money on it. I personally feel that would open the door of play to win too far as why not spend diamonds for a damage boost or troop health etc. Happy to discuss it further to maybe help clarify your idea though.

Your second suggestion would be great in the context of task force wars which is a subject that has many supporters and has long been discussed.
I say only in the context of task force wars because game wide buffs/bonuses just for specific players may be open to abuse and/or cause the game to become seriously imbalanced.
For example what would stop players jumping from task force to task force dumping resources? You could end up with 50 players taking turns to dump resources into a 5 man task force. This happens with intel at the moment which already causes issues. It sort of becomes a popularity contest.

As I said though it would fit in with task force vs task force if it was ever implemented. Maybe like Warships but for task forces. Using task force resources to climb a task force tech tree sort of thing.

Anyway just some initial thoughts, feel free to add to your ideas and maybe once you are happy with them post them to reddit which I believe is still one of supercells official platforms.

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Re: Two serious suggestion
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2020, 07:25 PM »
Thanks for the reply :)
Well... I don't know how much it would cost or even if it would cost extra money but I do know that buying extra time with Diamonds is not a good idea, altho diamonds are pretty easy to collect, it would just make easier to a player destroy a base, I'm not asking for boombeach make it easier, just make it more fair to certain troops, my point is to recognize the game by itself, the time is set to that point because it's meant to be challengeful, if you force the player, that needs extra time (even tho he tried 2-10x times), to expend his precious gbe to buy more time, he would have to do the math and think if it would worth or not.

At certain point, you will have to change your troops (to zooka or warriors) just because you won't beat the time.

Also the player, often needs to boosts his statues because of the game difficulty (at certain point) and that boost is how supercell makes some profit.


I dont know about those players who keeps jumping from task forces, but I don't see a problem with it, if no one can withdraw those resourcers... I just have too much resourcers and I wish to expend them like tributes to my taskforce, this game is all about me and my island, in fact, is the only thing about.

"Using task force resources to climb a task force tech tree sort of thing." => Nice idea :)

thanks for the feedback