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Author Topic: Two New Idea: New Troop Sniper and New Feature for Hero  (Read 76 times)

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Hello again:

So this time I have come up with two ideas. Without further ado, here are the ideas:

New Troop, Sniper:

A troop with long range, but can shoot anything another troop sees. For example if a sniper is on the front of the beach and private Bullit is on the other side shooting the HQ, the snipers will fire at that HQ from the other side of the beach. I don't want to give any specific stats, just the general concept.

New Feature for Heros: Instant Ability:

An Instant Ability is an ability that is passive, levels up like a passive, but only works  when the hero enters battle. This may require a small defensive buff to counteract, but could have massive potential for some fun play. I have even designed the current hero Instant Abilities (possible ones)

Brick: Enters the battlefield immortal and stays that way for a decent period of time.
Sparky: Gives you gunboat energy for deploying her
Kavan: Makes a clone kavan (looks like a revived troop) that heals and increases defense like the original
Bullit (my favorite): Bullit can be dropped anywhere on the field, when he lands he does damage to nearby buildings (like a Mega-Knight from CR if you happen to play it).

Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate all feedback possible.

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Re: Two New Idea: New Troop Sniper and New Feature for Hero
« Reply #1 on: Oct 30, 2018, 07:57 PM »
So you just smoke the snipers to a safe spot, throw a few shocks, drop Bullit at HQ, then down it goes?

Re: Two New Idea: New Troop Sniper and New Feature for Hero
« Reply #2 on: Nov 02, 2018, 01:33 PM »
I think it would be a new meta for attacking, and I would love to use it. Would it be a broken combo? I think that depends on how strong you make the snipers. For example, if you make the snipers deal warrior damage and have them shoot.as fast as a zooka, they can support Bullit, but arnt as deadly as a warrior attack itself. In addition, without distractions all the defenses only target Bullit, so once he falls the snipers are out of luck, but in the right situation it could be a 0 troop lost combo. Of course if you make the snipers too powerful, then can really reck a base with little skill. I think it would be playable as long as you keep the stats right.

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Re: Two New Idea: New Troop Sniper and New Feature for Hero
« Reply #3 on: Nov 02, 2018, 05:32 PM »
That makes sense. What I like best about new possibilities isn't necessarily the specifics of a new troop or defense but how it changes game tactics. I like the idea of having to attack bases in completely new ways. Sometimes strategies are dictated by base layout. You might be compelled to flare say, GrenMed to the back and start there easier than from the beach. So having new troops and combos where doing things like that is mandatory is interesting to me.

A troop that you can't just smoke to core, or steamroll ala TMed. You have to do something unusual, like get them to a corner opposite the HQ to launch the attack or clear a path somehow or trip all the mines. Or something even wilder like a troop who when reaching certain buildings (not HQ!) on a base, triggers some kind of ability or reaction. What if there were a troop that could ciphon off resources at the vault? Or do some kind of a hack or infiltration of the enemy armory and churn out some additional troops for the attack? People would have to rethink base designs to account for this. Or they might have completely different functions depending which other troops you partner them with.