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Author Topic: To clear the map or not to clear the map  (Read 108 times)

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To clear the map or not to clear the map
« on: Apr 05, 2014, 01:00 AM »
Hello all, I searched on the forum, but I couldn't find the right answer so help me out please. My question is should we attack as many bases as we can to increase the match making point that will increase the loots that we can raid? Because I always play the game that way, and although all of my opponent are tough, I can max out my resources every time I beat them.
  However, I read the FAQ by LANfill today and he said
  I have no one to attack and I still need resources (gold/wood/stone/iron) to perform my next update, what do I do? Wait. Your islands will be slowly taken over by NPC and player bases. Don?t worry this is a good thing! The more bases you have on your map the more loot you have available to raid. Unless you are upping your medal count, a cleared map is actually a bad thing.

  This is my 3rd day playing BB, so I'm super new. Let me know what you think, any advice for me are greatly appreciate? Some information about my base, I'm level 16 hq7, and my opponents usually under level 20, so they are beatable and their loots can easily max out my loot. Thank you in advance