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Author Topic: How to Beat Hammerman's HQ level 30 at HQ 11  (Read 147 times)

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How to Beat Hammerman's HQ level 30 at HQ 11
« on: Apr 05, 2014, 01:00 AM »
it's actually not that hard. first, load up your landing crafts with warriors. notice the grouping of snipers and cannons and boom cannons on the left near the two flamethrowers. take out the boom cannon there with artillery and/or barrage. try to use the least energy possible. (one missile and one barrage usually does it.) drop all your warriors on the far left of the beach. my warriors were level 3 when i attacked. flare them to the FAR left and then flare them to the flamethrowers. they will take the flamethrowers out. flare to the very back. the snipers will be shooting but the warriors will be healing and you will be getting energy. as soon as one of the rocket launchers starts shooting, flare them to the side of the HQ that is facing the rocket launcher. they will get in the range of the rocket where it can't hit them, and get them to fire on the HQ. if you shock the other rocket launcher as many times as you can (about 2 or 3) the warriors will take down the HQ