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Author Topic: Boom Beach Common Abbreviations - Dictionary  (Read 1328 times)

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Boom Beach Common Abbreviations - Dictionary
« on: Aug 23, 2018, 01:41 AM »
This does not cover everything out there, but enough that most can figure it out.
Add to it below if you have more.

Boom Beach Common Abbreviations

Original post from SC Forum

SC - supercell
BB - Boom Beach
MM - matchmaking system
VP - victory points which is the medal count
NPC = Non-Player Character
PvP - Player vs Player - Human Opponent
TF - Task Force
OP - Over Powered, Original Poster, Operation (depends on context)
LB - Leaderboard
CM - Community Manager
Drew - Andrew (possibly derogatory)
HQ - headquarters
CORE - power core or an operations HQ
AoE - area of effect
Dime(s) - diamonds
OOR - out of range

LC - landing craft
HOOKAS - heavy and zookas
ROOKAS - riflemen and zookas
TMED - tanks and medics
GMED - grens and medics
TGMED - tanks, grens and medics
RZM - riflemen, zookas and medics
HZM - heavies, zookas and medics
GREN - grenadiers
Granks - Grens and Tanks
Banks - Bullit and Tanks
AZ / Smooka - All Zooka / Smokey Zooka
CRZM- cryoneer, rifles, zookas and medics
RCZM - rifles, cryoneer, zookas and medics
HCZM - heavies, cryoneer, zookas and medics
HZ - heavies and zooka

BC - boom canon
ST - sniper tower
FT - flame thrower
MG - machine gun
RL - rocket launcher
SL - shock launcher

Prototype Defense
HP - hot pot
DC - doom cannon
DA - damage amplifier
L or LB - Laser
BS - boom surprise
SG or Gens - Shield Generators
SS - Sky Shield
Grab or Grabber - Grappler
Micro - Microwave
FC - Flotsam Cannon

TD - troop damage
TH - troop health
BH - building health
DBD - defense building damage
RR - resource reward
PSC - power stone chance
GBE - gunboat energy
GP, WP, IP, SP - all those green statues - Gold production, Wood, Iron, Stone
Ice - Blue statues

Original Post from SC Forum


Residence- res
Sawmill- SM, wood maker, saw, mill
Quarry- quar
Iron mine- IM, mine
Gold storage- GS, coin storage
Wood storage- WS, storage
Stone storage- S.S., rock storage
Iron storage- IS
Vault- bunker, bank
Sniper tower- ST, sniper, tower, snipe tower
Machine gun- MG
Mortar- AoE
Cannon- N/A
Boom cannon- big cannon, blaster, BC
Flamethrower- FT, burner, thrower, flamer
Rocket launcher- RL, launcher, rocket
Shock launcher- SL, shock, launcher, freeze launcher, shocker
Prototype defenses- PD, super defenses, prototype
Shock blaster- shocker, blaster, SB
Lazor beam- LB, lazor, beam
Doom cannon- DC, doomer, doom
Damage amplifier- DA, amplifier, amp, damager, dam amp, damage booster
Shield generator- SG, shield, HQ shield, generator
Mine- N/A
Shock mine- SM, shock, mine, shocker
Boom mine- BM, red mine, tank mine
Landing craft- LC, boat, craft
Gunboat- GB, boat
Sculptor- statue maker, sculpt
Weapon lab- WL, lab, weapon factory
Radar- N/A
Armory- lab, mory
Submarine- sub, diver
Headquarters- HQ, town hall, center
Outpost- OP, HQ, resource base HQ
Power core- PC, core
MMG 9000- MMG, 9k, 9000, special MG, Hammerman MG
Super mortar 3000- SM, super mortar, Hammerman mortar, 3k, 3000


Diamonds- gems, monds, jewels, Dimes
Victory points- VP, badges, points, trophies
Gold- coins, money
Wood- N/A
Stone- rock
Iron- N/A


Rifleman- RM, rifles, soldiers, rifle (used in army comp names)
Heavy- heav
Zooka- zook, bazooka, ooka (used in army comp names)
Warrior- tribe, war, warr
Tank- T (used in army comp names)
Medic- med, healer
Grenadier- grenade, dier, GD, nade, Grens, granny
Scorcher- flamethrower, fire tank, scorch


Artillery- art, arty, rocket, nuke, shell, artillery shell
Flare- fire, attracter
Medkit- heal, heal spell, MK, kit, med
Shock bomb- shock, SB, freeze bomb
Barrage- barr, barrage shells, rockets, missiles, etc.
Smoke screen- S.S., smoke, cloud
Critters- crits, bugs, ters
Gunboat energy- GBE, GB
Barrage and/or Artillery - Bart

Task forces & operations

Task force- TF, clan, alliance
Leader- boss, chief, general, etc.
Officer- elder, co-leader, cop
Co-leader- co
Member- norm
Feeder- a task force who 'feeds' another task force members while training lower-levelled players to match the requirements of that specific task force
Operations- OP, war, OPS
Intel- maps, paper, blue paper, tel, int


Blackguard bases
NPC bases- bases made by the owners of the game and isn't controlled by a real player
Player bases (PVP bases)- a base controlled by a real player
Lt. Hammerman's bases- special NPC bases that offer a lot of loot and power stones, usually hard to beat

Operation bases- bases attacked by a whole task force during an operation
Dr. Terror's bases - Tropical Base, Volcano Base
Mega Crab - MC, crab
Colonel Gearheart's War Factory- WF, GH, Gearheart, factory, war
Resource bases- RB, res base, source base, wood base, gold base, iron base, stone base

Technical terms

DPS - damage per second
DPA - damage per attack
DMG - damage
HP - hitpoints, health
Unit size - housing space of a troop
Tile - the in-game form of measuring resembling a square meter, used to measure the size or range of buildings

Army Compositions and attacking terms and slang

Rush- to attack the HQ without taking out the building around it, usually done with warriors and smoke screens
Raid- when you attack a base
Meat shield- Units used to soak up damage, usually heavies and scorchers to distract enemy defenses
Hooka- popular attack strategy which consists of heavies and zookas
Rooka- riflemen and zookas
Smoky warriors- popular attack strategy which uses mass warriors with smoke screens
TMeds- strategy which uses tanks and medics
Groovy- a strategy which consists of grenadiers, zookas, and heavies
Mass medics- a goofy strategy which consists of all medics, pointless but funny
Mass riflemen- an army of all riflemen
Grannies- mass grenadiers
RZM- Riflemen zookas and medics
HZM- basically the hooka army with medics
Scanks- scorchers and tanks
Scookas- scorchers and zookas

Power stones and statues

Frag or Fragment - smallest and most common power stone, used to make Idols
Shard - medium sized power stone, used to make Guardians
Crystal - biggest and rarest power stone, used to make Masterpieces
Power powder - PP, powder
Idol - smallest statue
Guardian - mid sized statue
MP or Masterpiece - the best, biggest statue
Troop damage- TD
Troop health- TH
Defense building damage- DBD
Defense building health- DBH or BH
Resource reward- RR
Power stone chance- PSC
Gold production- GP
Wood production- WP
Stone production- SP
Iron production- IP
Resource reward- RR
Ice statue- IS
Dark statue- DS
Life statue- LS
Magma statue- MS
Resource production- RP, production
Power stone chance- PSC

Learn all about Power stones and statues
Sorry, you are not allowed to see this part of the text. Please login or register.

Sorry, you are not allowed to see this part of the text. Please login or register.


Max - to have a maxed out base, or a specific building
Diamonding - to use diamonds
Shock the shock - dropping a shock bomb on a shock launcher
Mini - a secondary account usually by players on another device, also known as an alt
Boom Beach - BB, Boom, Beach
Comp - short term for army composition
BART - to use barrage and artillery, also known as B/A
Replays - vids, attacks, defenses
Pier - the dock/platform used as a landing stage for landing crafts
Colonel Gearheart - CG, Colonel, Gearheart, GH
Building health - BH
Instanting - to use diamonds to speed up troop training
Wifi - "waiting impatiently for invasions"
Loner - a person who prefers to not be in a task force
Spawn rate - SR
Shore - the white area on the base where you can deploy your troops
Dr. Terror - Dr. T, Terror, DT
Lt. Hammerman - Lt. H, Lt., Hammer, Hammerman, Merman, Lt. Hammer
Over powered - OP
Match making system - MMS, MS
PvE - player vs. environment
Task force requirement - a requirement to join/stay in a task force

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Re: Boom Beach Common Abbreviations - Dictionary
« Reply #1 on: Aug 23, 2018, 06:05 AM »
Add Banks to army compositions-- Bullit-tanks.

Also, it's mega crab, not giant crab.
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Re: Boom Beach Common Abbreviations - Dictionary
« Reply #2 on: Aug 23, 2018, 06:41 AM »
Granks, AZ/Smooka, CRZM/RCZM, HCZM and HZ are all pretty commonly used as well. It looks pre-Cryoneers.

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Re: Boom Beach Common Abbreviations - Dictionary
« Reply #3 on: Aug 25, 2018, 02:09 AM »
Quote from: meowfestio date=1535000754 link=msg=26183
Add Banks to army compositions-- Bullit-tanks.

Also, it's mega crab, not giant crab.
Quote from: JBlon date=1535002878 link=msg=26184
Granks, AZ/Smooka, CRZM/RCZM, HCZM and HZ are all pretty commonly used as well. It looks pre-Cryoneers.
 Added / Corrected all these in.

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Re: Boom Beach Common Abbreviations - Dictionary
« Reply #4 on: Sep 01, 2018, 06:38 PM »
OOR = out of range could be added as well.