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Author Topic: A Comprehensive Guide to "Single Player Mode" Boom Beach  (Read 1073 times)

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@Dragonofthewest credit for indirectly reminding me that I need to write this comprehensive guide once and for all, been thinking about writing one for quite a while.

Dragonofthewest's original post

Picture of my current base


The purpose of playing in this style is, to put it in a simple way, avoid matchmaking altogether. This means that the only bases that you will be raiding resources from are NPC bases and Dr. T. That being said, social interaction is still a part of this playstyle, such as Task Force Operations and limited Resource Base wars.

Target Audience

This playstyle is recommended for

- Someone who is late into or maxed out his/her main and would like to start a new account

- Someone who is careful with his/her fingers

- Someone who prefers things slow and steady

- Someone who doesn't care about achievements too much

This playstyle is not recommended for

- Someone who is new to Boom Beach

- Someone who tends to misclick

- Someone who wants to progress faster

- Someone who wants to make a run for the leaderboards

- Someone who wants to complete all achievements

Advantages vs. Disadvantages


- Never be raided by other players

- Only need to focus on offense (unless you want to defend against Hammerman)


- Might not progress as fast due to lack of rich loot mercenary bases

- No access to Colonel Gearheart

- Cannot fully experience Boom Beach in general, on a side note if you have another account it won't be an issue

Importance of radar and unlocking archipelago the right way

THIS SECTION IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT, PAY EXTREMELY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS SECION! In order to stay out of the matchmaking pool, you must not explore any parts of the archipelago that contain mercenary bases. The way to determine whether a region has mercenary bases is by exploring them under airplane mode or without internet connection. If the region is unlocked anyways, it is a valid region. If the loading radar icon pops up, chances are the region has mercenary bases. WITH THAT BEING SAID, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS. Certain player owned resource bases are okay to be opened under internet connection. Unlocking resource bases will not put you in the matchmaking pool. That being said, other players can still take over your resource base, that is a part of the social interactions you have with others. If you did it right you should have 3 low production wood bases and 2 low production stone bases.

Important archipelago moments

- Lvl 10 Lt. Hammerman base for Tropical Dr. T

- Level 8 radar to unlock Lvl 20 Lt. Hammerman base for Volcano Dr. T

- Level 15 radar to unlock 2nd diving spot (volcano)

- Level 16 radar to unlock the one and only ice island

- Level 17-20 radar does not unlock further regions

Here is the full map you get as a result.

Bigger version from another player

Here is where caution comes in handy. If you accidentally unlocked a region with mercenary bases, you will be put in the matchmaking pool and there is no turning back, so be careful, especially when collecting diamond chests that are near the borders! Unless you want to unlock certain mercenary bases on purpose, more on that later.

Statues and Power Stones

Green MPs- No , you don't have that much production rate to begin with.

Blue MPs - Optional, depends on whether you want to focus more on Dr. T (resources) or Hammerman (Prototype Modules)

Red MPs - TD and TH MPs must haves

Purple MPs - GBE, RR, and PSC MPs must haves

Guardians - Mix match between red, purple, and blue depending on your playstyle.

Dark stones can come from Dr. T, but the red ones are relatively hard to come by, since there are so few volcano island NPC bases unlocked. Always choose purple/red powerstones from daily reward (order goes something like magma stone -> dark stone -> diamonds/life stone/ice stone -> resource)

Troop Composition

Anything goes to be honest. However, if you are someone who likes no casualty raids, T-Med for the win.

Building Upgrade Order

Upgrade HQ the moment it is possible.

Unless you are looking forward to defending a couple extra Hammerman stages, focus on offensive support buildings first and try to keep Gunboat, Armory, Sculptor, Landing Crafts maxed out for your HQ level. As for armory upgrades, try to keep your troop composition of choice and gunboat abilities maxed out for your HQ level as well. That being said, I'm not telling you to neglect defense altogether, mainly because what eventually happens is you won't have enough xp to go to the next HQ level. Unless you want to show off, build your defenses up too.

Resource Bases

You will only have 5 low production bases, 3 wood and 2 stone. Players may fight with you over them but eventually they stop as you get stronger. Minimal social interaction on this part.

Task Force and Operation Reward

Your main source of social interaction within this playstyle. Since you primarily focus on offense, most TFs will be more than happy to accept you. NPCs and Dr. T give quite a bit of intel as they add up (I'm able to maintain at around 40-50 intel weekly). However, this ceases to be effective if you want to be in one of those top ranked TFs, since they can require you to net up to 100+ intel per week, in which a huge part comes from defenses against players. Choose your OP reward depending on which resource you lack.

VP Leaderboard

Making a run for the leaderboards in this playstyle is impossible, at least according to Boom Beach wiki. The wiki states that there is a maximum of 200 extra VPs you can gain from NPC bases. Counting two hammerman bases and resource bases, you will cease to gain further VPs when you are at around 250-300 VP range (Very rough estimate).

Progression speed

I see no distinct advantage in the speed of progression, in fact it might be slower. At first it may seem like a breeze, watching your resource flooding out of your storage. However, later on as upgrades become more expensive, you will slow down. Given that NPC bases don't give a lot of resources, it kind of evens out with going on a RR boost spree with mercenary bases full of rich loot.


You won't be able to complete all of them, since you won't be exploring lots of regions, getting raided by other players, or reaching over 600 VP.

Transition to PvP

There are certain options for you once you decided to get out in the open and join the matchmaking pool.

- Ultimate turtle: Max out your base, enter the matchmaking pool with ridiculously low VP, explore all regions with resource bases, conquer all of them, and become the ultimate turtle. @Woolybugger wink wink

- Magma/Ice farm: Open regions that have volcano/ice islands underneath, good for working on your magma/ice statues.

- VP reserve: Mainly for VP pushing, reserve bases underneath unexplored regions by not exploring them, and when you're just that close to your personal goal (leaderboards or a certain personal target), unlock the clouds and get that last few points in.

Concluding remarks

Pretty interesting playstyle if you want a different experience, hate getting raided, prefer things slow and steady, not looking at competitive play, and if you are extremely careful with your fingers.

Will edit and update as needed, suggestions and feedback welcome

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How did you copy over those pictures Fitz
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Quote from: LilMissLoopy link=msg=70 date=1534594398
How did you copy over those pictures Fitz

With great difficulty, can't copy/paste
Imma program something later today to automate it
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Quote from: fritzelly link=msg=81 date=1534598295
Quote from: LilMissLoopy link=msg=70 date=1534594398
How did you copy over those pictures Fitz

With great difficulty, can't copy/paste
Imma program something later today to automate it

That would be great. Thanks, I haven't worked out yet how to add images from imgur yet. but will do  :)
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I'm interested to find out how as well so I don't inadvertently paste a pile of gobbledygook.

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Another decent guide

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Is it possible to unlock Dr Kavan in this Extreme Challenge? I am asking this because it is not possible to unlock Captain Everspark nor Private Bullit. But is Kavan accessible in the Turtle playstyle?
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