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Author Topic: Welcome! I'm New!  (Read 19592 times)

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #15 on: Aug 20, 2018, 06:48 PM »
Hey, I was BrewingBeer on the old forum. Nice that I can still have the same name. I'm a maxed player with a VP of 950. My game user name is Homebrew. Maybe one of you will raid my base some day.

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #16 on: Aug 21, 2018, 02:01 AM »
I'm Zombiem, or as my friends call me, Mikey. I was Zombiem on the old forum, and I am currently Zombiem1 on reddit. I've been booming since the beginning, and am currently a maxed player hoovering around 1050 VP at the moment. I use to lurk around the old forum for about 2 years before I officially joined a year ago. I use BB as a way to plan my conquering of the world! Oh, and did I mention I lead a 5 man task force( currently with only 3) called Mikeys Brigade?

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #17 on: Aug 21, 2018, 04:42 AM »
Hello. I'm MercuryPDX. Same name in-game and on Reddit. I previously lurked in the Supercell forums (Hay Day was my first jam...). I'm currently maxxed at the end of the Boom Beach and hoping for something new to get added. I've been voted "Most likely to shoot at their own teammate and bobble a grenade killing everyone" in Counterstrike, and so I try to keep that bad luck ::) out of Task Forces.

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #18 on: Aug 21, 2018, 07:36 AM »
2 accounts in BB
GrumpyOne -lvl 65
 Grumpy Too -mini around lvl 40 currently

Had a couple hundred posts on BB Forum and I am very happy to be able to continue on HERE.
Great set up Fritzelly. Thanks for the space.
Hope I can contribute some decent posts and I hope this grows healthy and strong - and soon.

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #19 on: Aug 21, 2018, 09:12 AM »

I was Flam59 on supercell forum, reduce to flam to match my account name. Always like forum since about 20 years, don’t see anything really exciting in new discussion system... (Moving from forum to Reddit)
Than you for this forum. 

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #20 on: Aug 21, 2018, 10:21 AM »
Hi everyone

I’m 57RE4K aka streak, I was a forum veteran on the now defunct sc forum with over 1820 posts, I tried to help out new players where I could and have bumped heads with some of you but I always appreciated the debate and opinions of others
i have 5 accounts (1 maxed) in game all in the same 5man tf

I spent a long time in come wiv a plan (cwap) as I was preparing for a leaderboard push but became bored with the game and have semi-retired, I still login but not daily anymore, I have more powerstones then I’ll ever be able to convert and way more pp than I’ll ever use on my maxed account

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #21 on: Aug 21, 2018, 10:54 AM »
Hey, I'm Bismarck.  I lurked more than I posted on the old forum so most of you probably wouldn't recognize me, but if you are active in the VP pushing community on Telegram you likely will.  I'm an admin with Global Pushers HN on Tele and a Co-Leader in Angry Volcano.  Retired accountant - math geek. 
Angry Bismarck - TD32, TH 33, GBE 40, PSC 72, PSC 30, PSC 30, PSC 29, PSC 29, PSC 29, PSC 28
Leader, Angry Blizzard

Bismarck- TD 31, TD 13, TD 13, TD 13, TD 13, TD 13, TD 13, TN 35, TN 14, GBE 42
2 Legendary + 10 Diamond Crab Trophies

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #22 on: Aug 21, 2018, 12:48 PM »
Hello !!

It looks that SC wanted to troll me a little bit, because I started playing BoomBeach a little time ago
I have been a clash of clans player for a long time, but recently I am playing hay day and boombeach too, sadly supercell is closing the forum, so here I come!

Cheers !

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #23 on: Aug 21, 2018, 02:17 PM »
I’ve been playing since day one and was a maxed hq20 when that was a thing years ago. Long time lurker on the old forums because I didn’t like the often toxic atmosphere. Currently in a casual 25 man hovering around 850vps with too much pp to care about. 

Used to to read the old forums daily and enjoyed them a lot, what a shame....

looking forward to this forum and thank you to everyone that has helped create it and move over old guides, my old go to was the powerstone chance guide. 

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #24 on: Aug 21, 2018, 03:37 PM »
Hey I’m penfold was penfold78 on the old forum but dropped the 78 here as it means i’m 40 now and I don’t want anyone to figure it out :-)
i have 3 accounts in game penfold currently at 1370 vp and waiting for more spawns.  Stiletto (about 700) that I use for blowing stuff up and reckless boosting, and Agent 57 (about 650) a low radar cloud prepping experiment.  All 3 are currently over with Whirlwind and co at ‘the silo’.
All IGN’s come from the cartoon Danger Mouse 🐭
Off topic I downloaded hay day today!!!

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #25 on: Aug 22, 2018, 12:38 AM »
I’m here. 2112 and 2112v2 ign names (huge lack of imagination there it seems).

I stand for pvp discussions (aka lb chasing) and watch TF discussions with interest, and thank the great B.B. gods that I made my top 50 TF push as a relative newbie in a 5-man since it seems far more difficult now.

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #26 on: Aug 22, 2018, 01:11 AM »
Hello all, I'm Skullcrusher in game same name. Long time forum lurker first time poster. I started playing Christmas day 2015 when i saw a commercial on tv sitting on my sister in laws couch waiting for my wife to be ready to go home. I came to the forum shortly after hitting my first vp wall and can't thank you all enough for helping me unknowingly through it. Currently I'm at 1315vp and playing in a 10 man tf AKMF's TF. When i saw the news from Andrew that the forum was closing I was so disappointed wondering what am I going to do while waiting for my next spawn?? It was quite impressive that you all got this together so quickly so I figured I'd join and try to give back here. Happy booming all!

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #27 on: Aug 22, 2018, 05:55 AM »
Good morning.

Playboy Penguin is the name; Boom Beach is the game. Which is good, considering that is what this forum is for.
Currently a level 16 HQ. Mostly just getting a feel for the game; log in most days for about 45 seconds, hit whatever rotating event is open, and go about life. Recently found the old forum, and started getting an idea of some of the aspects of the game. Honestly don't understand half of the abbreviations, topics, or strategies discussed; the forums make the game seems so much more involved then has been my experience thus far, especially with regard to player interactions. As Shakespeare once might have said; "Live and learn."

See you on the beach.

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #28 on: Aug 22, 2018, 05:02 PM »
Hey fellow Boomers! Great to be here, thanks for creating a new home! 

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #29 on: Aug 23, 2018, 10:21 AM »
Hi all happy to see there are so many familiar names here.