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Author Topic: Welcome! I'm New!  (Read 19570 times)

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Welcome! I'm New!
« on: Aug 18, 2018, 12:06 PM »
I thought we could use a thread to introduce ourselves as new members to the forum. So here I go, if it is a naff idea just delete it lol


I used to be known on the forums as Lloopy14.

Currently I have er.. a few accounts   :o  which are all in the Phoenix TF Family!

Main account is Loops
Mini account is Lil' Miss

My main achievement is carrying Phoenix Remix to #7 on the 10 TF leaderboards  ;)  Although those members who are in Phoenix Storm may disagree with me as they reached #4 without me!

Loves: The forum (#mikeforCM)
Hates: any OP base starting with the letter "T"

Phoenix Family

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #1 on: Aug 18, 2018, 12:34 PM »
I am Neutrinonaut, both here and on the SC forum.  Not a prolific poster but I was brought out of hibernation by Drew's stupid, stupid decision.

I too am in the Phoenix Family, both as Neutrinonaut in Phoenix Blaze (nudging the top 100 ten man TFs) and as Quarknaut in Phoenix Genesis.

My main entertainment in Blaze is making the rest of the TF groan with some spectacular AZ fails - although these days it is more often Hooka that lets me down.  I hate Op bases beginning with Q.
L65 with 1120VP (HQ 22).
Statues : TD (+32%), TD (+13%), TD (+13%), TH (+35%),
GBE (+42%), GBE(+17%), GBE (+17%), GBE (+17%), GBE (+17%), GBE (+17%).
Task Force = Phoenix Blaze

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #2 on: Aug 18, 2018, 12:37 PM »
Hi, I'm JBlon. I used to be known as...JBlon (except on the actual game, where I am Jack Blondie13)

I boom on a 10-man with those two hooligans Orr and Mike (#MikeforCM). And since yesterday, Rage, who so far seems pretty calm and normal. Time will tell on that. Luckily for all of you, he just filled our 10th spot so we won't be competing with you or that 500-headed Phoenix monster for recruits. Lucky us.

The people of the forum community have pulled closer together during this difficult week, united by common interests and a renewed appreciation for each other and the game. And my hope is that the community will become all the stronger for having survived it.  A shared achievement for us all.


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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #3 on: Aug 18, 2018, 02:45 PM »
Hello my name is castle grayskul...and im a boom beach addict ! Im a long term member of Valhalla Elite , hanging out in a 10 man. Im really excited for this forum to take off!!

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #4 on: Aug 18, 2018, 06:02 PM »
*knock knock*

Is this thing on?

I'm andromeda. [member=38]andromeda[/member]11 on telegram, andromeda on boom beach, and I was Andromeda927 on the forums.

I'm a Board Member for the Quest for Boom Beach Supremacy Tournament (
Sorry, you are not allowed to see this part of the text. Please login or register.
) and have recently put boomin' on the back burner. I spend most of my time in Boom Beach facilitating the tournament as it has given me the most fun I've ever had in Boom Beach. It's also great to be a part of something that is something ANYONE in the Boom Beach Community can enjoy! Q4BBS started back in September & is stronger than ever before. It's something I've very proud of...so, maybe its time for me to get off my soapbox, lol.

Happy to be here & totally admire your dedication to keeping the forums alive as best you can!
@andromeda11 on telegram

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #5 on: Aug 18, 2018, 07:35 PM »
Hey all, 

What's up everyone?  I was jjblaze2305 in the other BB Forum .... switched my username to Johnny Blaze to match my in game name.  I've been on BB since day 1.

Despise SC, love the game.  I met some great people over the years from playing this game and spending time in many TF's over the years.  Currently in my own 2 man TF, just me an my sons account slowing leveling it up as a time waster. 

I am not very active anymore, nor am I on the forums that much, but I was glad to make the switch since I had some time on my hands this weekend.  I'm waiting on the movers to drop my household goods off (just moved from Louisiana to Jersey).  Also, since some folks are taking the time to migrate everything over it was the least I could do.  Good luck everyone, and I hope this forum takes off and does well.


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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #6 on: Aug 19, 2018, 07:36 AM »
I’m MikeCT1020 and I am currently running for the position of Boom Beach Community Manager. Well, not really as it’s not an elected position. I started my campaign over on the official forum as my way of showing I didn’t like Andrew’s decision to close the forum. I’m glad I was able to get as much support in sending out my message as I did. I don’t know if it was noticed by Andrew or not but someone noticed and it got closed and obviously a bunch of you noticed.

I have 3 accounts. My first 2, IGNs Mike and Major Aszhole, are both maxed out and in a 25 man task force called Shock Force. Fellow forumer Apex Fatality is also in there and I have know him through the TF pretty much since I started playing this game more than 3 years ago.

My 3rd account, Hugh G Rection, is level 41. I have that account in a 10 man TF with OrrScores, JBlon, and now xNorthernx.

Just remember, once elected, I will proudly serve this forum as your community manager.

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #7 on: Aug 19, 2018, 09:30 AM »
Hi all, storm force here, i didn't post much on the 'other' forum because of the hostile nature of some replies , i mainly posted on the recruitment thread, i used to have another username 'dikky' but that got banned. Anyway i found this place and the reddit sub, hopefully both will serve our community well

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #8 on: Aug 19, 2018, 04:20 PM »
Hi all. I’m Artege (pronounced like the letters RTG). It may be dumb, but I own it.
Occasional poster on the other forum, but hoping to be more active here. I learned a lot from others, and don’t plan on using reddit.

My main is maxed and I recently started a mini/alt. Starting with unopposed progression until I get too anxious to smash stuff.

MikeCT for CM, no doubt! #MikeForCM

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #9 on: Aug 19, 2018, 04:30 PM »
JanOlov both here and the old forum.
Leader of a 5 man TF, have been for.... ever lol.
We all know each other irl and meet plenty of times when we boom.
Have a few acc only play one atm.
Moved along, nothing to see here
Don't play BB any longer. My TF members quit

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #10 on: Aug 19, 2018, 05:11 PM »
Hey all!

I am the best mediocre player in boom beach.  I. have been playing for several years and never really cared be all that great at it.  I just really enjoy blowing stuff up. 

I some how got hooked up with the Phoenix crew a few years ago.   I like to think I am famous for my run in Elite High Five, but probably I am not. 

I haven’t been a regular forum user in a while, but I fully support this as I learned so much over the years from the old one. 

Loops currently has me benched and I am not allowed to participate in operations.

Grenadiers are the best thing ever to happen to this game.   

Thanks for creating this to pass along the strategies and info, without the old forums I probably would have really quit when I hit those VP walls on my first account.  Hopefully this forum lives on for a long time. 

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #11 on: Aug 20, 2018, 01:13 AM »
Hello everyone, I'm Orrscores or just plain Orr if you prefer.
 I have 2 maxed accounts that reside in the 10 TF called Blades Boomers! With fellow forumers Mikect1020, Jblon, Jaraboom,xNorthernerx and Ender wizzard.
 I've always tried to help new players when I could but there are much more knowledgeable and skilled players than me so...

I frequent the Off Topic section to get some laughs and share some friendly banter amongst forum friends. Come join in the fun.
I can't begin to thank those responsible for this new forum enough( Fritzelly mostly but I'm sure others are contributing as much as they can) it seems we've found a new home...THANK YOU!!
*Image Removed*

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #12 on: Aug 20, 2018, 05:08 PM »
Hey y'all, I'm Texinator, also Papa Tex in Sides of Death TF, the worst leader of the best mediocre TF in Boom Beach.
 I never contributed much in the old forum but loved having it as a resource. My biggest problem with the old forum was that it was a bit too uptight. I doubt Fritzelly will let that happen here tho 😁. Cheers to him and all the others that contributed to get this one up and going so quickly! 👍

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #13 on: Aug 20, 2018, 05:17 PM »
By the way, I think this is an awesome thread!! 😁Great way to get to know everyone on here.

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Re: Welcome! I'm New!
« Reply #14 on: Aug 20, 2018, 06:17 PM »
Hello everybody, 
I'm 21, female and from the Netherlands.
I have two max accounts in Boom Beach. And at the moment in a very lazy taskforce
I did not post a lot on the supercell forum, but I read a lot.
Let's make this one as entertaining, interesting and educational as the former one.