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Author Topic: Warships bug: Opponent all zooka killed by deference but system show he won.  (Read 170 times)

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Offline Alex Kwong

This not first time.
My teammate killed opponent both engine rooms with time left 3m 36s. And system show opponent 3m 37s he won. But when check the replay, actually all his zooka was killed before half way rush to the last engine room. Attached video URL uploaded to youtube. If you never check the replay you never know. Especially those can not completelly replay, error.
And why they willing let the troops killed? Because there is another Free Diamond bug. They can reinforcing troops with diamond from the shop without spending $$.

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Supercell, please fix all this bugs... Thanks!


Offline danjo

The same thing has happened to me many times.  I was just about to level up to for a free chest too.  Royally pissed off.  Used gems to retrain my troops for that battle too.

Offline fritzelly

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It's showing the replay with the troops he had loaded when he clicked Battle - he has switched troops and beaten your friend. Can tell this has happened because the replay or live view will fail at some point

Bug will be fixed in the update that is due soonish
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