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Author Topic: Stairway to Heaven  (Read 1252 times)

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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #15 on: Feb 18, 2019, 03:34 PM »
Time is a major factor in vp pushing. I wouldn’t expect you to go much higher without more time, ice & protos. Others you see at full offense at higher vp levels once had ice. It’s so much easier to maintain a high level after you remove ice. My account was around 1450 a few months ago when I was statue swapping ice & reds daily and I’m still hanging out in the 1300 range. This account hasn’t had IT for about a year now but still finding it fairly easy to maintain with no ice. Just replaced 2 th with gbe for ops which wasn’t a good idea for increasing my vp. But if you are pressed for time statue swapping won’t work.

Enjoy the ride as long as it’s fun! Hoping our paths cross again soon. 😊

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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #16 on: Feb 19, 2019, 04:30 PM »
Thanks Whirlwind, aiming for 1400 once I have time, reckon it might just be possible without ice and prototypes. Kicking myself for not having time during this shieldless period but I need more practice on iced shield bases not shieldless ones. My operations have improved markedly but still at mambo level unboosted. Practice, practice, practice for me then Warships will come out and I won’t know a thing again🤪

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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #17 on: Mar 05, 2019, 08:29 AM »
Cycle ending 04 mar 2019
1317vp, 531 no boost, no ice, no protos both weeks, (90 local, 2823 global), 2080, 8772 shards), 2539 protoparts, rzcm ur,  medic healing, rifleman health and cheap artillery.

Hehe stuck on the warships landing on the stairway to heaven 🤪 to be continued

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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #18 on: Mar 18, 2019, 02:26 PM »
Cycle ending 17 mar 2019

1308vp, 531 no boost, no ice, no protos, (100 local, 3217 global), 2134pp, 9021 shards), 2600 protoparts, rzcm ur and hz t, no tribe boosts.

Forgot to update the last entry. Joined a new task force to try and learn from better players. Certainly being inspired and sharing hits and doing ops with new people has greatly increased my enjoyment of the game. Not trying to increase my vp as I mentioned before but rather trying new things and trying to git good 🙂

My original goal in the game was to play until Xmas and support family/friends members in my original task force as they played the game. Two xmas’s later I am still here.
My next goal was to get onto my local leaderboard and probably stop there as vp pushing (and the intel grind) is very time consuming.
My next goal is just enjoying the game and getting to 1500vp (depending on Warships ofc).
I won’t get to 1500 until I get better so that is my immediate goal. I do think boosting and dropping ice could get me so far to 1500 (well duh 🤪) but I am not in a rush just now. I will hang around 1300 for a while then when I am happier with my skills will give myself a wee push.

Didn’t take any of the tribes last cycle as they were a waste of raw crystals and I didn’t want to spend anything on them even if I was sort of wasting resources as a result. These tribes should invigorate and excite players, those didn’t.

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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #19 on: Apr 01, 2019, 09:54 AM »
Cycle ending 31 mar 2019

1314vp, 531 no boost, no ice, no protos, (94local, 3077 global), 2218pp, 9387 shards), 2674protoparts, rzcm ur and hz t, Medic healing, rifleman speed, gold reward.

Wow what a difference a cycle makes, so much fun and experimenting. We had some great tribes 👍👍👍 and 90% off all troops for ages which made for the most fun 🎉🎉🎉 Well done Supercell 🙂

I had real life commitments all through this cycle which restricted my play time quite a bit so my vp didn’t change much but I got to try out alternative hits which was invaluable.

We also had the remote hack which made every base a walkover. Leaderboard vp pushers seem to have hated it but it made no negative difference to me since my base is a walkover anyway 🤪

I listed my troops as rzcm and hz which was most common but really it was everything...except scorchers. Looking back I didn’t use them even once which is odd but they don’t feature in my normal game play either. I think their randomness just doesn’t appeal to me.

My op hits have much improved this cycle too, building confidence to try stuff and pretty much executing what I thought but I have had some face palm fails. Being in a task force of players that are better than you has really helped my game and I recommend it for anyone.

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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #20 on: Apr 17, 2019, 08:45 AM »
Cycle ending 16 mar 2019

1300vp, 531 no boost, no ice, no protos, ??? local, ??? global, ??? pp, ??? shards, ??? protoparts, hz t and rzcm ur, zooka damage

Wow what great tribes we had and coupled with 90% off troops I had a blast. I went shooting up the vp and had some fun operation hits. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that my vp has dropped... illness right at the end of the cycle meant I lost all the vp I spent the cycle gaining and then some. Still not right hence slow and short posting of stuff on the forum like this etc

Hopefully will update this soon.

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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #21 on: Jun 10, 2019, 12:53 AM »
Cycle ending 10 jun 2019
1370vp, 531 no ice, no boost, no protos, 39 local, 1388 global, 2600pp, 11059 shards, 3175 protoparts, hz t and rzcm ur, rifleman lifeleech.

Been a while since I posted here due to real life time constraints, somethings had to give. Was pottering about in the 1300s, ups and downs, got as high as 1353 then went on vacation but without internet for a few days and I fell over 50vp in that time. Back on my local leaderboard again thanks to these tribes and the speed serum. Still getting raided on average 14 times a day so that gives an indication how much I loved these tribes to be gaining all this vp. Fully expect to fall a bit with these new ones. Not putting down ice or pushing until this blocker situation is resolved.
Crabs have not been good for me as I haven’t had time to play them. Got a few diamond statues unboosted but the tribal wasn’t even gold, stage 31 I think, just no time to play it, 35 (I think) attacks left.
Warships, season 1 sucked, I only tinkered with it, no sense spending my time on something so buggy so was just playing for resources, got to rank 17 but I didn’t really enjoy it.
Season 2 I have also not had time to invest in it but this time with all the fixes etc I am enjoying it a lot for what little I play. Way behind on strategies and YouTube vids, have only just started watching again. Time again.
Anyway was a great tribal cycle for me, at a vp level where I get to raid some really interesting and challenging bases and players who I recognise. Anything above 5/5 is too tough for me unboosted, will usually give it a go if I have spare gold but 5/5 is my limit at the moment.
Also been destroying npc bases for quickness but it has had a significant detrimental effect on stones, hope to get back to killing them manually.
Task force is filling up nicely(7/10), got some really talented players to learn from (The Pretenders) it really makes a difference.
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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #22 on: Jun 24, 2019, 01:26 AM »
Cycled for ending 23 Jun 2019

1377 vp, 531, no boost, no ice, no protos, 29 local, 1262 global, 2684pp, 11375 shards, 3262 protoparts, hz t, rzcm ur, gm ed, medic healing.

Well that was a surprise, I gained vp. I honestly thought my vp was going to plummet after the previous good cycle for me. The tribes were, on the face of it, terrible. Psc and gold production were no brainers. I didn’t get a significant boost from either as I am still destroying npc bases due to time constraints and gold production is just a drop in the ocean when vp pushing.
Defence tribes mean nothing to me since I never defend. So that leaves scorcher health and medic healing. Scorcher health doesn’t work for me as I never use them. Medic healing has an obvious benefit for my go to troop combo of rzcm. What I didn’t realise until late on was how good it was for every troop. 3 boats of medics could out heal almost everything and provided an excellent counter to the lasors that everyone seemed to have.

The other fly in the ointment was gold. For the entire cycle I only got 4.6m gold from all my daily boats, that was crippling. I couldn’t attack every base only ones I could win cheaply. Usually had to next two per day at least. I was always one mistake from broke and I made quite a few of them.

By the end of the cycle I was clearing my map with new tactics and the tribes turned out well for me.

Explosive drones are such a disappointment, yes I used them but if we are going to get specials then they should be special.

Had a few marshal level players spawn which was exciting.

Warships was good fun but didn’t really play due to lack of time. Level 18, don’t see me playing season 3 much either but only due to time. I just use it to top up gold which was really important due to my gold issues.
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Re: Stairway to Heaven
« Reply #23 on: Jul 08, 2019, 11:10 PM »
Cycle ending 7 Jul 2019

1383 vp, 531, no boost, no ice, no protos, 30 local, 1200 global, 2749 pp, 11683 shards, 3385 protoparts, hz t, rzcm ur, tgm ed, tank speed, gbe, medkit, rifle damage.

Perfect tribes for me, plenty of gold and even a shields not in rotation. Perfect, perfect, perfect but no it wasn’t at all. Last time I had a major gold drought and plenty of spawns but this cycle was a spawn nightmare. Pvp spawns well down for the full two weeks, I was lucky to break even on vp and was rolling in gold but nothing to do with it. So only a modest increase in vp.

Didn’t do much in crab. It focuses your mind a bit when you haven’t the time to do everything in boombeach. I would rather spend me fun free time doing pvp than crab. Maybe after I finish with pvp I will spend my time crabbing instead. Maybe warships, maybe operations but I can’t focus on everything but it is nice to have the choice. Boom beach is certainly varied and fun.