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Author Topic: Sparky  (Read 284 times)

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« on: Nov 07, 2019, 03:38 PM »
So, one month into the update and Sparky bug remains unfixed.We have mostly adapted to the new UR rules, (still see a few guys try to mark turrets).
Wonder if this will actually be fixed or not...

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Re: Sparky
« Reply #1 on: Nov 07, 2019, 07:09 PM »
I spectated an OP attack of a TF members and watched Sparky just walk off on her own leaving the troops right into the defenses which then caused her to drop like a rock while the troops were off to the side out of harms way.

She is really messed up.

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Re: Sparky
« Reply #2 on: Nov 07, 2019, 08:08 PM »
Well when the update first happened, there were several puzzling effects. Now a month into it, its pretty well understood what to expect.
If you have Universal Remote selected, she will ignore all other buildings and go for defenses. Was that on Rogue perhaps, troops eating cells and Sparky goes for defenses?

There are some instances where the proximity hacking is actually helpful, like when a bunch of stuff is already damaged, you can still get multi-hacks with careful positioning.

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Re: Sparky
« Reply #3 on: Nov 07, 2019, 08:16 PM »
They are trying to fix it for the next update.

I can’t remember where I saw it or find it now but someone asked him (RickC) if he was going back to full time on boom beach as Cm. His reply was something like that he was visiting brawl stars for a little while and then back to the boom beach development team who was working on the next (Nov?) update and he specifically mentioned sparky getting fixed.

Of course maybe that was a dream but it seemed real 🤪

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Re: Sparky
« Reply #4 on: Nov 08, 2019, 03:30 PM »
I would be interested to see that! Rick hasnt been on Discord in a long while.