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Should no shield gen cycles be announced in advance?

4 (26.7%)
11 (73.3%)

Total Members Voted: 15

Author Topic: Please stop announcing when there won't be shields  (Read 340 times)

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Offline LilMiss

Re: Please stop announcing when there won't be shields
« Reply #45 on: Aug 17, 2019, 12:16 AM »
Nope, I avoid google everything like the plague, too many points of vulnerablity, and additional data farming I am not willing to be subject too.
If the i didn't stand for idiot, and their ecosphere wasn't designed to force you to buy their hardweare I would go iphone for a cell.
Want some of my tinfoil?

Is it non-stick?

I thought the “i” in iPhone meant expensive?

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Offline Yallik

Re: Please stop announcing when there won't be shields
« Reply #46 on: Aug 17, 2019, 02:58 PM »
I think, as long as protos are handled in this manner of cyclical availability, SGs should be treated like any other prototype we have. Nobody announces when Hot Pots or Lazors are going away.

You can argue with the cycle concept. But it was introduced to keep people having to use different strategies. Example, even I'm switching to Tanks if I see a layout with 3 Micro's. I think that's a wise approach, keeping the protos rotating, then. It's a strategy game, and things that diversify player strategies are keeping the game vibrant.

I'm not going to be f****d to find it, but there was a meme recently that showed two different attacks against a Doctor T base. The top one said 2017: tanks and medics. The bottom one said 2019: tanks, medics, tribal voodoo medic, tanks that shoot robots, and pink zombie rifles.

I thought it was pretty hilarious. That description is gold. 🤣

But it was also a reminder about the many ways Supercell has added to the game in the last couple years to keep it interesting. And they didn't even mention temp gunboat abilities!

So if the proto cycle is just a part of their larger effort to keep the game diverse, that's great, and they're actually doing a decent job there. (And I've been hella grumpy with SC lately, so I'm not thrilled to admit it). 🤔🤣

But if we keep the cycle, then they should stop announcing SGs/no SGs in my opinion. Smacks of special treatment ...

Offline newstudent

Re: Please stop announcing when there won't be shields
« Reply #47 on: Aug 17, 2019, 06:17 PM »
The announcement doesn’t matter. I’ll always have 18 days of SG. It would take a 4 week cycle without SGs for me to even be able to assess an impact. In July the no SG cycle was announced after the SGs were already unavailable in the lab. I currently play in the higher pool of PvP players (half heartedly at that, one boost per day) and my immediate reaction was negative. However, as an ice princess there is always a new SG waiting to be deployed. I had actually been lazy that weekend and had not deployed brand new SGs before reset. In the end I had 4 days without a SG over my HQ. It seemed the Asian players were caught more off guard than the rest, but the SG population really wasn’t as affected as one would initially expect. With or without SGs you still get raided in the global pool (9 times a day with 5/5 and over 8 with 7/7). It’s just gold, intel, and dimes that changes.

One issue with losing the SGs is the elimination of skill. Who needs skill to win 8 second flash kills in PvP? Yallik was so bored of my iced base with a single SG that he told me it was pointless without any SG. A warrior freak TF LB player was bored with a shieldless ice base. Imagine how the PvPers felt about logging in. Just a grind of predetermined outcomes. May as well apply a destroy button to PvP spawns. There is a version of Boom without SGs where one can drop troops and just close the app. It’s called Warships.

The second issue with losing SGs from my personal POV is that all of the new protos are so utterly worthless. It’s still SB, SG, and Lazor all day everyday. A DC will do when that’s all there is. One player makes a dual skyshield layout that makes me lose most of my rifles, but that’s about it. When I see a hotpot, micro, grappler, simo, or flotsam it’s a thought free attack even with 5 ice or better glowing.

Just like to reiterate, no announcement is necessary. We’re prepared for it. Anyone that isn’t just needs to Git Gud.

Offline Yallik

Re: Please stop announcing when there won't be shields
« Reply #48 on: Aug 19, 2019, 05:17 AM »
That's true, that was also me. 🙂