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Author Topic: Please stop announcing when there won't be shields  (Read 436 times)

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Please stop announcing when there won't be shields
« Reply #30 on: Aug 20, 2018, 11:40 PM »
I’m kind of enjoying the fact that this thread seems to be generating essays.
 I hope SC are following it.

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Please stop announcing when there won't be shields
« Reply #31 on: Aug 20, 2018, 11:40 PM »
                Quote Originally Posted by Arghacceptmyname                 View Post              
I don't really understand the whole cycle thing. Every time a new toy (offensive or defensive) gets introduced, people come up with creative ways to use them and the general variety of bases and attack modes increases, leading to more challenges and more fun for most folks except for those who feel that they have an ordained right to beat every base unboosted with the only troops they ever use. I don't understand why they aren't all available. I feel that SC is drastically underestimating the creativity of folks, and this includes the top end of VP, regarding what they may come up with in combos and base designs if they had every proto to choose from. You could argue that 3-6 months down the way some particular layout might emerge as the proven best, and then it will get boring because everyone adopts it, but by then there could be more options on the way.
I've wondered the same thing about the temp GBE abilities. I'm on the fence about it. I like the cycles and think they're generally a good addition to the game. And it's good to have special things to look forward to. But I also wonder if it might be even better to have all the tools in the toolbox available all the time. Granted, some balancing would probably be necessary for the beleaguered defenses. But there's still only so much GBE a person has to work with, and if someone wants to use a cryo bomb or a deployable turret, that's less energy for Barty, smokes or shocks. Screen space for all those additional abilities could be an issue but maybe there are solutions.
 Its probably easier to make the argument for having access to all the protos all the time. I don't mind the rotating cycle at all. But I think it's reasonable to ask whether it's doing what they intended for it to do. If that is to get people to use different ones, then it's probably working to some degree. But if someone is determined enough to use their favorite they can (and do) usually extend its use while it's rotated out. It seems to me like there's actually less variety now. In any given cycle, I tend to see people mostly using the same 2-3 protos at the same time. And which 2-3 protos you see just changes every week or two. It felt more random and varied somehow pre-cycles. I wonder whether vp range affects that.
 The creativity idea is relevant. Does restricting access inhibit player creativity or enhance it? Are we accomplishing more with less (mother of invention) or are we missing out on lots of other possibilities with umm, less colors in the crayon box?

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Please stop announcing when there won't be shields
« Reply #32 on: Aug 20, 2018, 11:40 PM »
                Quote Originally Posted by Mikect1020                 View Post              
Some players did have a meltdown the first time shield generators weren’t available. There were even rumors some leaderboard people were beaching their HQs in protest as a result. Another rumor was they were beaching them while online to tick people off when they see the beached HQ but couldn’t attack. I seem to recall, and I could be wrong about this, that the first time shield generators weren’t available it coincided with rainmakers being available and maybe even gunboat cryobombs.
Beaching the HQ whilst online is a very old school thing, as was changing the layou just before they got off line.  Made sense post saved layout and pre ER, it would have been a pain to change troop combinations,again, and used more diamonds to rush.
 i do recall complaints about OP, that was a culmination of matters and yes, I would have benefits affexted and yes, it was  so obviously OP I don’t understand how it wasn’t spotted before hand.
 MElt downs are when rlight announced that barbed barbed wire was gonna be introduced. Or that which shall not be named has happened..
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 Now I should address Lloopy's point and say [snip
with NO ptps and no ice, I can easily pass 100 intel per week.
 I need 140, technically 147, to do CC daily in a 10 man. I’m not pushing, just chilling. When I was in  10 man doing DE I think it wasn’t ~ 160. CZ did a post where, on a very good week with the invasion gods in your favour,  clearing map twice daily, it may be (theoretically) possible to get 120 Intel. Although he didn’t get that many during his experiment, it was over 100. my second account is fairing better now it is not far off being maxed, but still low level defenses result in lack of intel.
 During the sneak peeks I clearly expressed my dissatisfaction with the removal of the DA. Ina recent poll on the forums the favourite proto was the DA.
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