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Author Topic: Discord chat with CM Rick C  (Read 202 times)

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Discord chat with CM Rick C
« on: Feb 07, 2019, 10:18 PM »
Thank you to ScarletIndy on Reddit for posting this so all I had to do was copy and paste. Pretty simple. If I can do it you’d thing someone that SC would hire as a CM could do it.

warship etc. chat[/font]

[Feb6: 6:57 AM] RickC: Hey all!![/font]

Tuesday 12th Feb is the day of the NEW WARSHIP DEVELOPER UPDATE VIDEO![/font]

So excited to see what you think![/font]

[8:23 PM] indierocked | 🔥 Reddit Fire🔥: Do we have a launch date for warships?[/font]

[8:41 PM] RickC: Still aiming for early 2019 release. I don’t have a defined date yet from the team.[/font]

[8:42 PM] RickC: If we would push it out fast, it would not be as good as we want it to be.[/font]

[8:42 PM] RickC: I would rather have it great than just ok[/font]

[8:43 PM] Fritz's Army: Thanks![/font]

[8:44 PM] RickC: FritZ! Keep up the vids man. Loving them[/font]

[8:44 PM] Fritz's Army: Thanks! Glad to hear it[/font]

[8:44 PM] RickC: Not many people doing the lower level stuff now[/font]

[8:44 PM] Fritz's Army: It's a ton of fun[/font]

[8:44 PM] RickC: Does help newbies and stuff[/font]

[8:45 PM] Fritz's Army: Helps me too TBH[/font]

[8:45 PM] greenrhino33: Not many people doing the lower level stuff on YT to begin with tbh[/font]

[8:45 PM] greenrhino33: Glad we've got Fritz to fill that gap[/font]

[8:45 PM] RickC: Nic did[/font]

[8:46 PM] RickC: Long time ago[/font]

[8:46 PM] RickC: I think my data shows 3 years. But I stopped for a year. Picked it back up when I was joining the team[/font]

[8:49 PM] Papucho 67: nice! what level is your account[/font]

[8:49 PM] RickC: 47[/font]

[8:49 PM] Officer F | Training: Ask SC for employee discount lol[/font]

[8:49 PM] RickC: No discounts :frowning:[/font]

[8:49 PM] Papucho 67: the hard part of the game, what troops are you using[/font]

[8:50 PM] RickC: Hookas[/font]

[8:50 PM] RickC: I will never play with IT now[/font]

[8:50 PM] RickC: Changes the game[/font]

[8:51 PM] Atlas: So why'd you go to San Fran? seems like all the SC peeps and youtubers were goin :slight_smile: :smirk:[/font]

[8:51 PM] RickC: Was to work out of the office and as a community team.[/font]

[8:51 PM] RickC: To come up with ideas and such[/font]

[8:52 PM] RickC: Upgrading smokes more now[/font]

[8:52 PM] Fritz's Army: I suggest Zmot for that level of gameplay :yum: he does the mid 40 videos wonderfully[/font]

[8:52 PM] RickC: Agree with zmot stuff[/font]

MegaCrab chat[/font]

[5:16 AM] boombeachiran: @RickCHello[/font]

According to the plan, it was announced earlier that Megacarbe was supposed to be the last Friday of every month, but why this month we do not have a full megacab, and the first of March[/font]

Could not I place a megacarb on February 22?[/font]

[5:22 AM] RickC: Just a short month.[/font]

[5:23 AM] RickC: So put it to the following weekend[/font]

[5:23 AM] scipio314 | RDT ♾ | 🦀 wiv a Plan: will there be two crabs in March?[/font]

[5:23 AM] scipio314 | RDT ♾ | 🦀 wiv a Plan: or next one is first weekend in April?[/font]

[5:24 AM] RickC: I don’t have my computer at the moment. But I believe it is weekend of March[/font]

[9:34 AM] Rifleman: Hi @RickC , Can you confirm what will be dates for nexts Mega Crabs? I mean those after this coming 1-3 of March[/font]

What is the rule? I thought that always start last Friday of the month, but there will be not February Crab  so I'm confiused[/font]

Can we expect 2 Mega Crabs in March? 1-3 and 29-31 of March?[/font]

[11:47 AM] RickC: Mega crabs will continue. Feb is a short month and then we would have had to have waited for a much longer time to have one. @Rifleman[/font]

[6:57 AM] RickC: I will not confirm a date before we officially announce it, sorry[/font]

Proto etc. chat[/font]

[5:12 PM] PK | Warships 😐: @RickC Someone messed up on the proto cycle and skipped the hotpot again this week. As a matter of fairness, can we get 5 weeks with no shield gens? 1, 2, even 3 weeks with no hotpots I see happening by simple error, but at this point it looks very intentional and many players use hotpots to get Hammerman intel.[/font]

[5:14 PM] greenrhino33: 6th week @PK | Warships 😐[/font]

[5:14 PM] PK | Warships 😐: Damn[/font]

[11:17 PM] Ryan | The PSC Life: Lol we got drew to start warning about shields because you had to pre build a bunch of them just in case and anybody who forgot said goodbye to 6 weeks of work that they'd lose from how much VP no shield costs you[/font]

[11:27 PM] RickC: @PK | Warships 😐 DONE for next week for you[/font]

[11:33 PM] Reloaded | Data Chemist: What other things like that can you influence at short notice Rick?[/font]

[11:36 PM] RickC: It really depends. If it does not require an update, I can fix some things quickly. 6 weeks is a long time to wait for this to come back around.[/font]

[12:44 AM] boombeachiran: @RickC Hello Rick  After about 5 years since the release of Boom Beach and many players from Farsi speaking countries such as Iran, the Persian language has not yet been added to the game.Games such as clash  Royal; clash of clans provide full support for the Persian language. Still have no plans to support Persian language support?[/font]

[12:50 AM] Anon Moose | zmoT: Trader deals perhaps? would be nice to never see the 'sell 7 powder for a tiny bit of gold' trade ever again.[/font]

[12:50 AM] Anon Moose | zmoT: or perhaps switch the columns...[/font]

[12:51 AM] RickC: @boombeachiran There is currently no plan to add more languages, unfortunately.[/font]

[12:51 AM] RickC: oohhh Trader deals is a ncie idea[/font]

[12:51 AM] RickC: nice*[/font]

[12:51 AM] Anon Moose | zmoT: the trader deals have been stale for a long time[/font]

[12:55 AM] RickC: These are automated and of course will not always make us happy.[/font]

[2:48 AM] RickC: Name Change = I am pushing for it for you all :smiley:[/font]

[2:51 AM] Bim | Element: What about the 42% GBE masterpiece? :smile:[/font]

[2:51 AM] RickC: That should not be easy to obtain[/font]

[2:51 AM] RickC: I still do not have one[/font]

[2:51 AM] RickC: lol[/font]

[2:51 AM] Bim | Element: Dang it. I’ve been trying for four years...[/font]

[2:51 AM] RickC: 3 for me[/font]

[2:53 AM] Unorthodox «天一»: can i ask why statues are rng? wouldn't it be better for revenue if you could upgrade them with some in-game currency like in CoC?[/font]

[2:54 AM] RickC: No idea why it was done this way to be honest.[/font]

[2:54 AM] RickC: Has been like this since the start of them[/font]

[2:55 AM] Unorthodox «天一»: fair enough. would be good to have an overhaul for them, imo[/font]

[2:55 AM] RickC: it does stops the pay to win type of gameplay[/font]

[2:55 AM] Reloaded | Data Chemist: Statues are a huge point of pain for the game in my opinion and have some of the highest potential to bring new and interesting ways to play. If we could interchange troop damage, troop health and GBE statues it would open up a whole new way to play[/font]

[2:56 AM] Reloaded | Data Chemist: Not being able to change your statues around because you can't change back, is not fun[/font]

[2:56 AM] Bim | Element: Statue cycles coming :soontm: to a beach near you[/font]

[2:56 AM] Unorthodox «天一»: i made a suggestion before about the sculptor having cycles like the tribes. increase luck on certain types for 'x' time[/font]

[2:56 AM] Unorthodox «天一»: lol[/font]

[2:56 AM] Reloaded | Data Chemist: I'd take that[/font]

[2:56 AM] RickC: interesting[/font]

[2:56 AM] RickC: I will add it to the suggestion pile I have from Players :smiley:[/font]

[3:01 AM] Reloaded | Data Chemist: Rick do you plan to incorporate song into any of your videos as Boom CM?[/font]

[3:10 AM] RickC: haha nope[/font]

Boom Box Stats[/font]

[6:57 AM] RickC: Stats are real :)[/font]

I had the team get me them for you all.[/font]

If you like this, I can consider continuing this on for future months.[/font]

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Re: Discord chat with CM Rick C
« Reply #1 on: Feb 07, 2019, 11:50 PM »
OK lots of text and bar there is a dev video soom that is it
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Re: Discord chat with CM Rick C
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Nice shoutout of the forum on reddit Mike 👍🙂

Edit and a good point about cross posting on the various platforms
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