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Author Topic: Chat with RickC from Discord on Reddit being copied here  (Read 63 times)

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[12:11 PM] Yallik: I'm sure this has been asked before, but how come an individual player gets a badge around his name for reaching number one on the leaderboard but a task force does not get any decoration for its name if it hits number one on the leaderboard?
[2:09 PM] RickC: @Yallik its a nice idea. Will add this to my things to discuss

[2:38 PM] Caesar | Seals #YQPC2: List of changes that would greatly improve boom beachBetter in game tf search
  • Shard converter
  • Easier acquisition of intel each day
  • More challenging war factory for higher players ( or at minimum not repeating same layouts )
  • More challenging imitation game at higher stages ( or at minimum not using same bases )
  • A competitive way to challenge other task forces (NOT using pvp aspect)
  • Completely new events that do not regurgitate the same “ drop and clear style play”
  • New troops , meaning brand new concepts , NOT “ overhauls of existing troops that are just slightly different
  • New gunboat abilities , meaning new concepts , NOT “ the same concepts just slightly different “
  • New operation base layouts at least every 3 months
  • Easier acquisition of pp
  • Show non op attacks even if op completed
  • Proper base builder
  • Something new to spend tokens on for max players / players done with hero upgrades
  • new high level boss bases
  • Troops skins and look changes when upgraded
  • In game chat feature that shows how many players are in game at a given time
  • New ways to decorate base
  • New buildings on base , maybe trophy storage of some sort
  • New levels and look of landing crafts
  • [2:39 PM] RickC: These are lists we already have and I have them. But as a look down them, do you see anything that would be beneficial for long term gameplay?
    [2:39 PM] Caesar | Seals #YQPC2: Yes I do
    [2:40 PM] Mackett | Notorious | Narwhals: New Op maps!
    [2:40 PM] Mackett | Notorious | Narwhals: for all Operations
    [2:40 PM] Caesar | Seals #YQPC2: How about #10
    [2:40 PM] RickC: Ok
    [2:40 PM] Caesar | Seals #YQPC2: I’d say that’d be pretty beneficial
    [2:40 PM] RickC: So number 10 is pretty cool
    [2:40 PM] Mackett | Notorious | Narwhals: You guys did ok with bringing in Duplexity, but it did nothign for any TFs other than 50 mans
    [2:41 PM] RickC: Interesting
    [2:41 PM] RickC: Ok
    [2:41 PM] Kirk/Spooky-#warshipZMOT: New op maps that aren't DX.
    Maybe make an op that isnt beatable by 50 players so that when 50 man LB os displayed it's not the same high score

    [2:42 PM] RickC: This is not builder base. I see the similarities but I feel there are differences to it.
    [2:42 PM] Caesar | Seals #YQPC2: It’s very very similar
    [2:43 PM] Mackett | Notorious | Narwhals: I'm happy to hold my opinion on warships till we actually get to play it.
    [2:43 PM] RickC: But this is good feedback. But I wouldn’t just judge without playing it first
    [2:43 PM] Mackett | Notorious | Narwhals: but I'm 1000% for new Operation things
    [2:43 PM] RickC: For me personally. Ops are defiantly cool.
    [2:44 PM] RickC: But I do think that warships allows a new way to make strategies for me and to try and figure out new ways to beat layouts.
    [2:44 PM] RickC: Ops for me is about learning the best way to beat a certain map whilst this is new each time.
    [2:45 PM] RickC: And I think the best decisions to make is about all players and not a specific group
    [2:45 PM] zeero: @RickC what youy do for blocking attack player like gl #1 #2
    [2:45 PM] RickC: Gl issues I am chasing it. We need more trackers to understand what they are doing to stop this.
    [2:46 PM] RickC: There are a lot of mixed opinions throughout the community.
    [2:48 PM] Mackett | Notorious | Narwhals: Well, TF leaberboard is a good start
    [2:48 PM] David | Valhalla: Thank you for answering some questions to @RickC. I want to say it before you're gone.
    [2:48 PM] RickC: Constructive feedback is great
    [2:48 PM] RickC: And it helps us make decisions.
    [2:49 PM] Kirk/Spooky-#warshipZMOT: New ops would be bae
    [2:49 PM] David | Valhalla: And I am looking forward to warships
    [2:50 PM] RickC: I am looking forward to getting it out and seeing what the community do with this feature. It should be interesting to see what tactics you all come up with. I hope I can also learn something from you all as well.
    [2:52 PM] RickC: I can’t discuss this release date.... yet. But keep your eyes open.
    [2:53 PM] RickC: I am honestly loving this community and I hope that I can help in the ways I can. Just know that we are trying to do our best for you and the game.
    [2:54 PM] RickC: As I said. Keep checking out our social channels and you’ll know soon
    [2:55 PM] Papucho 67: @RickC hey man, thx and it really shows
    [2:55 PM] RickC: So guys it is 12am here. Need some sleep
    [2:55 PM] pangtastic: Disagree with number 11. There is a lot of pp around compared to before with free pp from crabs and trader compared to a year ago
    [2:55 PM] surreaL | Notorious | FDA: Rick, nice rap videos
    [2:55 PM] Mackett | Notorious | Narwhals: on top of the TF badge, i'd be cool to have some player recognition of being in a number 1 TF.
    [2:55 PM] RickC: Thanks for this. And nice to chat to you all
    [2:55 PM] RickC: Haha thanks for checking the vids out also lol
    [2:55 PM] Glasgow kiss | Smoke | Cowboys: You do see that tf wars isn't the tf v tf we were hoping for right?
    [2:55 PM] Kirk/Spooky-#warshipZMOT: @RickC thanks for coming by and answering questions
    [2:56 PM] David | Valhalla: Thanks again @RickC
    [2:56 PM] RickC: Glasgow. Actually spoke to many players personally about this and received different answers on what they see tf vs tf is
    [2:56 PM] RickC: It was strange
    [2:56 PM] Glasgow kiss | Smoke | Cowboys: Thanks for taking the time though
    [2:56 PM] RickC: Anyways
    [2:56 PM] RickC: Need sleep
    [2:56 PM] RickC: Thanks again
    [2:56 PM] RickC: Have a great day / night
    [2:57 PM] RickC: Ceaser. If you wish to continue a conversation please feel free to ping me personally do we can discuss.
    [2:57 PM] RickC: I need to sleep sorry dude
    [2:57 PM] RickC: We can continue this
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thanks for reposting it here.
Minor edit: RickC is the CM now, not Drew.  ;D