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Author Topic: All questions answered during AMA, although not all questions asked.  (Read 880 times)

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Here are all the questions Rick C answered. There were more, including mine, that were asked but not answered.

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I tried to copy and paste the text so you don’t have to lower yourselves by going to reddit, but apparently it’s set up so you can’t do that. 

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All Questions answered by RickC from the AMA
Ok, while this is complete, it's only sorted by time answered. We will try to organize it and put it in the wiki. Thanks to /u/BoomBeachGame for the AMA and /u/MercuryPDX for getting most of this organized.

1Q: At max level, how many troops would one be able to take to battles? Is it gonna be the equivalent to 8 landing crafts worth of troops at max level or those numbers would vary?

A: This will depend on how you upgrade your Troops and Landing Crafts in the Tech Tree.

2Q: If I understand correctly, once we are matched with a player we both have to attack each other. It also sounds like we have the option to change troops before attacking, correct? Does this mean we could get locked into waiting for the other player’s troops to load if he decides to change his load out but does not have ER?

A: The Troop Reserve system allows you to pre-train your troops before battle.

During the battle, you can only switch between already trained troops.

You will not have to wait for your opponent's Troops to train since you can only change between Troops that are already trained.

3Q: What inspired you to create warships? Was it any particular sources (I assume multiple) could you talk about this so we the community might be able to help with inspiration in the future??

A: Great Question!

The idea spawned from the players!

We had many of you requesting for more competitive gameplay!

We had to come up with a plan to achieve this and Warships was born.

We are always listening to the feedback provided by the community we have.

Ideas are always welcome.

4Q: From a design perspective, what are a few of your favorite new art assets?

A: As a team, we are happy with all the new artwork we have created for Warships!

But if we have to pick just one, the Warship itself is the one we would choose.

BOOM TRIVIA: Did you know it took approximately four months iteration to go from the idea to the final version?

5Q: If both players beat there respective bases who wins? The player who did it faster?

A: Great questions!

If both players have the same amount of Engine Rooms left after the battle, the time taken and the destruction caused will then decide who wins.

6Q: Will skill trees be different for each season or same each one?

A: Each Season, the Tech Tree will change to allow players to create new strategies for their Warship battles.

7Q: I didn‘t get it yet: „Tech tree“ for WS means upgrading defense and adding more defence buildings depending on WS rank? So we start with a few small defs and over time more and bigger defs can be placed on the ship, correct?

A: The Tech Tree is for Unlocking and Upgrading everything for your Warship!

Unlocking will allow you to have access to that Troop, Defensive Building, Gun Boat Abilities, Landing Crafts, Boosts and Proto Defences to use for your Warship.

Upgrading will grant you more of the chosen Item to use and also provide an increase in its level!

8Q: Hi, I'm been waiting so desperately for an opportunity like this to come up and it has.

Firstly, I would like to ask about the Warship design, in particular the ship. I have asked this before, but I won't get the right replies but now as this goes to the Dev team, I hope you guys can shed some light on what I'm about to ask. In the very first video, where Drew announces Warships, I know we get to see some different types of Warships, with different sizes and etc, such as the Round Ship, The long one, which looks like an aircraft carrier, and etc. Basically, I just wanted to ask, will there ever be an option for us to have different kinds of "Ship" designs just like the one's shown in the first vid?

Well, like in the normal game, we attack players which actually have the similar island, all of em. The only thing is particularly different is the "Layout" of our base/defense so to say. So, I was just wondering, I really want players to have to option to really "customize" or select warships of different types/shapes which suits they're style, therefore making it entirely different and unique besides the same type of "Warship" for everyone. I know you guys have a lot of work, and I don't know, I'm kinda spitballing here, but I think this is one hell of a feature which should be implemented if not now, perhaps sometime in the next update. I want some honest feedback from you guys on what you think about this, giving us the players to choose different types of "Warships" which look different.

Here's a couple of pics from the earlier plans, I honestly like them.

A: The Warships shown in the video were different concepts we were exploring before we arrived at a final version.

Everyone will have the same Warship for the Season. However, the layout may change from Season to Season.

It was great to hear that you liked some older versions!

Our artists are thrilled.

9Q: Not sure if the AMA is still running, I’m too lazy to do time conversions 😂

My question is on the topic of how the surface of the warship will be changeable. It seems like the terrain is customizable, but I’m not sure to what extent. I was thinking there would be different presets, because fully customizable would lead to some people arranging very annoying terrain. Are you able to provide any insight?

A: Upgrading your Warship will give you more space to place your Defenses down.

You will also have more ramps added to your Warship.

These will be preset and may change from Season to Season.

10Q: Have the team thiught about any fair play measures to prevent players / push teams from using dirty tricks? High-level main game PvP is rampant with unfair play.

A: We will constantly be iterating on ensuring that there will be a fair experience for all our players.

However, if you ever have any concerns regarding players taking advantage, please let us know!

11Q: When you attack can you choose any troops withoit training them? ( i saw something like this in one developer video)

A: If you have Unlocked a Troop, they will be available to use in your Battles.

There is a new TROOP RESERVE system that will automatically train new Troops for you. It will take some time for them to train up.

You can use Diamonds to speed up their training time, OR you could have the INSTANT TRAINING subscription, which will remove the need to wait for your Troops so you can get right into the action!

12Q: Thanks for doing this. It's great when you interact with the community. I have read more answers today than in a whole year. I hope you keep doing things like this, because IMO that is the way.

So my two small questions:

- Could we see live battles in some way?

- Could they be shared with other members of our task force?

Thanks again, and I will remain impatiently waiting until the day of the update. Cheers!!

A: These are great ideas, but we may not have these features in the first version.

We will consider this for the future.

13Q: Will monthly mega crab continue or was it a stop-gap while we waited for warships?

A: The Monthly Mega Crab will continue as usual.

We will be releasing more information on some changes to the Mega Crab very soon, so keep checking the in-game Inbox to stay updated!

14Q: Does the team have hopes of this update bringing new attack strategies such as two or three phase attacks like in clash of clans? If so would these kinds of attacks be relatively possible?

A: We do not have any plans, currently, to have 2/3 attack phases in Boom Beach.

15Q: Hey Supercell, I just want to say I love your work, you guys are amazing. I have a couple questions about Warships and I’m hoping you guys can answer those questions. :)

Will we be using the gunboat when attacking? And if so, will there be new abilities?

A: You will use your Gun Boat Abilities if you have them unlocked from the Tech Tree.

There will be no new Abilities arriving with Warships, but we are always considering new ones for the future.

16Q: Will you lose resources in attacks. :)

A: You WILL NOT lose Resources from battling in Warships.

17Q: Would warships be a basic feature like a base or an occasional one like the mega crab

A: Warships will be a Seasonal feature and last between 2/3 months.

We are still defining some aspects of Season Resets; however, we are not considering a long cool-down period like the Mega Crab.

18Q: A side from warship, will you ever fix the aspect ratio issue on the ipad pro 11 2018, i mean the warship update will include that?!

A: The next update will fix this for you!

We need to see Warships in ALL ITS GLORY!

19Q: Will there be a certain level to play warships where will it be on the map and will there be Any new weapons and or troops/heroes and when is the new mega crab I haven’t played it yet😃

A: The Warships feature will be accessible from your Main Base.

The new Mega Crab is coming 1st March - 3rd March!

20Q: What would be the requirements of owning a Warship?

A: This is still under discussion, but players should aim to have their HQ at Level 10 to have access to this new feature.

21Q: What name do we have of our warship at the beginning?

A: There is no specific name given to your Warship. Your current in-game name will be displayed for your opponents to see.
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22Q: when will this announcement be?

(Roughly, i.e. this week, early March, in a month?)

A: Very very very soon! 😎

23Q: How much of warships player success will be governed by ingame micropurchases, and what profit projection does Supercell have for the first week of this launch?

A: The Warships feature is built to be enjoyed by everyone!

24Q: Will you include the NAME CHANGE option in this update?

A: We will add this feature for you with the new Update! 👍

25Q: Will you be able to skip someone?

A: You will not be able to skip a player you come across.

You will be matched against another player around the same Rank as you, so we feel this is not needed.

26Q: Since there are multiple engine rooms, will we have multiple attacks? I’m thinking it could be pretty difficult to take down five engine rooms with a single attack.
A: You will not have multiple attacks.

Instead, try to focus on performing better than your opponent and attempt to destroy as many as possible.

In some cases (when we have played) you do not need to destroy all of the Engine Rooms to win.

27Q: According to all the info so far it's probably an easy guess that TF vs TF will follow and become true after warships are established right? That would be really fun!

A: It would, IT REALLY WOULD! 😎

28Q: Team, this is going to be perfect! 😊 I am really excited as I have been playing the game loyally from its first days - but, I have to ask: approximately, when will the first update be released? When can we start playing?
A: We are so happy to hear you are excited!

We will announce more information in the game very very soon 😊

29Q: Will Warships be a battle between 2 Task Forces fighting together?
A: No, but can you imagine this in the future? 🙃

30Q: How will Intel rewards be calculated,? E.g % chance same as pvp. And will there be a daily limit to how much Intel can be gained?
A: The daily Intel limit for Warships will be based on your main Islands Victory Points.

31Q: Will this be another smoka-Zooka-thon at the high levels or will the smoke-GBE be different in Warships? Already without the use of statues, I can see a few players having to adapt.
A: With more Engine Rooms, we hope to see some more creative tactics other than this.

However, you will be able to boost your GBE from the Tech Tree!

32Q: You say we can get resources for our island. Can we use our island resources on our warship?
A: We are still working on ideas for this.

If not for the first version, we will definitely have a system for this in a future update.

33Q: With the warships update what new ways and possibilities open for Boom beach thinking about long term and keeping players happy and satisfied?
A: We really hope this feature opens up a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view for us to explore together!

34Q: Will warships reward multiple attack strategies rather than Operation attacks, which seem to be primarily zooka based? And will there be any troop/defense balancing if one strategy becomes too strong?

A: We have put a lot of thought into trying to make sure that people get to explore many strategies and techniques across the season. From the tech tree, to having multiple engine rooms to destroy, the new gameplay rules should hopefully result in new combos and techniques as well. *fingers crossed*

35Q: The CoC builder base has the feature of allowing you to switch troops before dropping them so you can adapt to their base layout. Will warships have this feature?

With warships seemingly promoting play time with no attack limits, how do you plan on combating the eventual comments about “warships require time more than skill”

The current leaderboard is (or from your end, is supposedly) rampant with cheating from massive Chinese teams. With the assumption that this will also happen here, how to you plan to combat “win trading”, which also happens in CR?

A: The new Troop Reserve system will allow you to change your troop loadout after you have scouted the enemy ship.

W.r.t. the next 2 questions, we have taken this into consideration a lot while defining the rewards and the overall balancing. We plan to iterate on this constantly till we get it right.

36Q: Will proto troops be unlockable in the tech tree on warships?
A: Depends on the Season 🙊

37Q: If we will be able to obtain resources for our island from warships are there any concerns that it will cause (more) matchmaking issues? Especially for low levels.

My thinking is currently you need to attack (raise your VP) to upgrade your main island. If resources can be obtained from warships then we could see high level players with very low VP but a glut of resources from monthly crabs and warships.

A: Main Island Resources you will get as rewards will be based on your Islands Victory Points.

This should keep the matchmaking in check.

38Q: Is the warship related to Task Force in any way? Maybe something like a clan war?
A: That is the plan for a future release.

Currently, you will be able to see your Ranking compared to your other Task Force Members!

39Q: Will the Troop Training time remain the same for Warships, or will it be reduced to a few seconds- a minute or so from start to finish training?

A: You will get these as Rewards from your Warship battles!

40Q: The earned resources that you could get from war ships is dependent on how much loot the enemy has or is it a pre-set amount? Also I wanted to say that I love what you have been doing with the game, Boom Beach is my most played game right now and I know that the Boom Beach team isn't as big as the other teams at SUPERCELL and every time I see something new about Boom Beach it's exciting for me I can't wait to see what you have planned out for the coming years. Love you guys and keep up the amazing work.
A: Thanks for your kind words!

We really want Boom beach to continue being amazing for many years to come!

The Resources earned from battling are pre-set amounts based on your "Warship Rank".

41Q: Will resources carry over from Boom Beach to warships?
A: We are still working on this.

If not for the first version, we will definitely have a system for this in a future update.

42Q: I see that the warship's base will be quite very big and have plenty of empty spots on the base where you can see inside the warship like the Megacrab and that look really bad!

Hope you can make the base become smaller, remove those empty spots and make the cannon that attach around the Warship can really attack (or at least have the animation that it's firing against the enemy Warship)

And finally, new troops pls BB: Biological soldier that use Poison gas, Stealth tanky Ninja sneaky into the middle of the enemy base and messing around, Giant robot, .v.v... ( still hope for fly-troops), and more defense mechanisms like Flare that attract the Artillery and Barrage and other cool stuffs from the army in real life.


A: As you progress through the Season, your Warship will expand allowing you to have a bigger base, filling those empty spots!

Those are some really cool ideas and we will look into some of these things in the future!


43Q: How does warships work and matchmaking?
A: Your Warship Matchmaking will be based on your Warship Rank.

Winning battles will increase your Rank and match you against harder opponents!

44Q: what level of HQ can you unlock?

A: This is still under discussion but it should be around HQ LvL 10.

45Q: Once Warships has been launched and the inevitable fixes/patches are settled will there be any QoL improvements to the existing game? Things like TF search, new operation maps (or just new prototypes on existing), shard converter, fixing imitation game, new layouts for Crab, WF and Dr.T, etc.
A: We have a BIIIIIGG list of ideas from players that we can consider once Warships is here!

46Q: if you think you made a mistake when upgrading in your skill tree, are you able to downgrade something and upgrade something else instead?
A: Some Choices will be revertible, but not all of them.

P.S -> Choose wisely 😎

47Q: is it possible to upgrade everything in your skill tree in a single season?
A: You will not be able to unlock and upgrade everything.

We really wanted players to make decisions on what they choose and this does not really work if we Allow players to have everything in the Tech tree.

48Q: How does the MM system work for Warships? For example, based on medals, XP, or something else?

A: Your Warship Matchmaking will be based on your Warship Rank.
Winning battles will increase your Rank and match you against harder opponents!

49Q: What would the penalty be (if any) for losing a battle?
A: For higher Ranks, losing battles will result in you losing Ranks.

50Q: On a potentially similar note to q2, do we lose troops in Warships (like from our main LCs)? If so, can we keep them by winning?
A: This is something we feel is not a high priority currently, however the Warships will also reward you with Crystals, making your hunt for that perfect statue a little easier!

51Q: Will you be able to do friendly challenges of your warship to your task force?
A: Not in the first version, but this is something we are very keen to bring with a future update!

52Q: Does the having of premium subscription affects player competitiveness in Warships?

In Warships, premium subscription is giving any advantage over not having it or it is just a convenience?

A: Having Instant Troop Training is more of a convenience just like in the Island.

If you have this subscription, you will not have to wait for your Troop Reserves to fill.

53Q: Can you talk about the seasons/leagues a bit?

What points are being won and lost playing?
How often does a season reset and any season rewards we can expect?
Do the warship upgrades reset each season or stay once upgraded?
Can we get a new badge for #1 on the leaderboard?
A:You gain/lose Rankings as you win/lose matches.
We are looking at 2/3 months Seasons. The first Season will be shorter and is more for us dial things in. Season Rewards: Your standings in the last Season will define your starting point in the new Season.
The Tech Tree WILL reset every Season, but based on your Starting point, you will get initial resources to build up your Warship before heading into battle.
We will look into a new badge in the future.

54Q: Do you only gain resources for main base at the end of the season?
A: You will gain Resources for your main base on a daily basis throughout the Season.

55Q: Will war ships affected ops in any way?
A: If you play Warships, you will be able to obtain Intel.

This should help with your operations!

56Q: How much of warships player success will be governed by ingame micro-purchases, and what profit projection does Supercell have for the first week of this launch?
A: The Warships feature is built to be enjoyed by everyone.

We are trying to build a feature that is primarily aimed at providing hours of Boom Beach fun to all our players, and that is our primary focus for this feature.

Having said that, Instant Training will still be great to have when playing warships.

57Q: Can you talk about any new IAP that will be introduced with this update? Any new subscriptions, etc. If you can talk about it, please share.

A: There will be no new purchases with Warships.

Instant Training will work well with this feature and you will be able to spend a few Diamonds in some places, if you so choose.

58Q: does not attacking warships have consequences for your home base?
A: It will not have "consequences" but it is another way to get some Resources for your main Island!

59Q: Will prototypes be available on warships?
A: Yes, but with a twist! 🙃

60Q: Will warships have new soundtrack?
A: Yes and we cannot wait for you to hear it!

61Q: When will a player be rewarded, after a single warship battle, after reaching a certain rank, or only at the end of the season?
A: ✅ All of the above.

62Q: Warships have multiple, what was it, engines rooms(?), To take out for the win.

Do defenses still weaken their health like on HQs or is that mechanic notably different on warships?

A: No, the Engine Rooms do not lose health when other Buildings are damaged.

We tried this, but when you have many Engine Rooms, the last few had very little health left and it didn't feel as fun.

63Q: I've been saving up trader tokens... How many new heroes will there be with warships?
A: Unfortunately there will be no new Troops or Heroes for this first version.

We want to ensure that "Warships" delivers everything we are dreaming up before adding even more content to the game.

Keep saving those Tokens, you never know!

64Q: Can we get resources for our normal island?
A: Yes you can!

65Q: Will there be any sort of base builder for us to rearrange our home base and warship? Are there any plans for any small QOL improvements in the game with warships?

A: You will have a CLEAR SHIP option in Warships, so you can clear your Warship and re-design it with ease!

We hope to bring this feature to the main island with a future update 😎

66Q: Hey guys!!

Is there any chance of putting an option to see who is online on the game chat?
A: Nice Idea!

We will put this in our good ideas box!

67Q: Will there be a hq 23 in the future?
A: maybe 👽

68Q: Awesome work everyone! Will skill/tech trees reset progress at the end of each season?

Will unlockables within the tech tree alter positions? (For example, say Season 1 Bullit can only be unlocked with a max level warship, but in season 3 it may only need a lvl 1 warship to unlock)

A:Yes, yes and maybe 🙊!

(could you imagine a Season without Smoke?)

69Q: Will Statues and (or) Tribes affect Warships? You've established they don't affect warship defenses. Do they affect the army being used to attack a warship?
A: Tribes and Statues does not affect your Warship as of now. They do not affect the army being used to attack a warship.

70Q: Is there something else planned with update warship or just only warship?
A: We will launch with the first version of Warships only.

We have some great ideas planned for the future though!

This is just the start of a great new feature!!

71Q: Will statues and Endless Reserves have a matter for Warships?
A: Endless Reserves will work with Warships!

The Statues, however, will not have any effect on your Warships.

72Q: Will power powder be used or have any effect on warships?
A: Since Statues have no effect in Warships, Boosting them will also not.

73Q: Will there by any changes to the operation costs if warships will give some intel,seeing that probably will be an influx of it ? or do you see it as an opportunity for the task forces to aim for higher operations (for example duplexity) which of course are in the game from a long time but require a bit more activity from players.
A: No, there will be no changes to the operations cost.

74Q: Will worships affect Victory Points in any way?

A: No, Warships have their own independent Ranking System and Leaderboard!

75Q: and the API ?
A: This is currently not at the top of the priority list right now 😔

76Q: Why so slow on new content ? I know its a free game but people love upgrading stuff and so many high lvl people have left the game , a lot of this could have been avoided by map expansions and HQ upgrades, hopefully the warships update hits its mark
A: We also hope so!

77Q: How will it be fair for both the Lvl 65's who are getting bored, as well as the lower levelled players who are just getting started?
A: All players start off relatively at the same point in the Warships feature.

However, having a higher level HQ, will provide access to more Warship content.

78Q: What is meant with “real time”?
A: This means that when you start an attack, you will be matched against another player and you will attack each others Warships, simultaneously!

79Q: Does that mean we might have to wait some amount of time for an attack to start? If so, is there a wait limit?

Other than an incoming attack at the same time, are there any other aspects to this 'real-time' mechanic, or will the attacks play out the way they do now?

Will the incoming attack somehow help or hinder your outgoing attack?

A: You will have to wait until your opponent finishes their attack to get your Battle Results.

The attacks will play out the way they do now, but the winner is decided based on both you and your opponents performance.

80Q: Hey guys! Good work so far! Anyway, is the attacks on the Warships times like it is on Opp attacks, etc?
A: The attacks for the Warships are not limited in any way!

You can play as much as you like; however, Rewards will have a maximum amount to obtain after so many attacks.

81Q: when will warships be available?
A: We are aiming to get this out ASAP to all of you!

The team are hard at work and we see the light at the end of the tunnel!

We will be announcing a date soon in the game, so keep checking your Inbox to stay updated with this.
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