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Author Topic: Snuggles Plays! - 14 feb 2019 - War Factory Down In 2 Unboosted Attacks  (Read 57 times)

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Today we have Gearheart and her Evil War Factory for Thursday 14th February 2019 (Valentine’s Day!). I manage to successfully take her down in just 2 clearing attacks using RZCM (Rifleman, Zooka, Cryoneers and Medics) with Sparky and her Critter Swarm (my favourite ability). All unboosted attacks, with only 2 gbe statues. 50% extra gbe tribe definitely helped here, allowing me to keep the lasers under shock, and where that wasn’t possible, to spam medkits on my troops to keep them alive.
Enjoy 😊😊😊

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Two hits for me also. Barted out the quad lasers, cleared hz taunt from left with critter distractions for grapplers and shocks for other lasers until shields down. Second hit on core. I feel that if I was better and boosted then a solo might have been possible but I ain’t and wasn’t 🤪
1️⃣👥💕🆕💥🏝 - RIP Brian Bolda