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Author Topic: Skull Crusher - 24 oct 2018 - Hallowed Mega Crab What You Need To Know  (Read 336 times)

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Boom beach’s Mega Crab is returning for the month of October. Rise of the Hallowed Mega Crab. What you need to know and important game information. Explained by SkullCrusher.
Hallowed Mega Crab rises Friday October 26, 2018 6pm your local time.

Get ready Boomers. Watch out for Scary Mortars.

40 attacks upfront NO RECHARGE TIME.


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7 minute video to just read the Boom Box info!??

If you are familiar with Skull Crushers videos then you will know this is a collectors item.  It is by far the shortest video I have ever seen him post 😉🤪

The really great part is he’s worked on not saying “I repeat” and “Holy crap” a combined 20 times in a ten minute video. :)
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