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Author Topic: Opdestroy - 08 nov 2018 - AHL 30-50+ Series Seat 1 **Gaming Headset GIVEAWAY**  (Read 334 times)

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YES YES YES! It’s that time again to gear up for the next instalment of my All Hits Live (AHL) Tournament Series! Yes, this is my 3rd run at evens like this and the people love them. This time around we are targeting the lower to mid level players. If you meet the 30-50 range, please register by being one of the 9 who gets in when I open up the task force room.
To start the season off right, the winner of seat 1 will also be taking home a Pro Gaming Headset! Some rules have changed this new season so please listen up as I explain during the stream. I want to thank the Boom Community for all the love and support while I continue along this journey.

- lowest lvl EXP players will attack first.
- lvl EXP 50+ players can ONLY USE 6 BOATS AND NO ISLAND BOOSTING! Tribal boosts are OK.

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