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Author Topic: My story of how strategy change made my boom gamplay whole different.  (Read 47 times)

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3 months back, i started to get more and more harder bases to my map. It was fustrating, cause i was a normal Hooka person. I was so happy when i found lv35-40. Yes, i was too high up on Victory Points. I was around 340VP's as a new Headquarters 16. Everytime i found a base, it ofc was always lv46-52. All the time they had them might Shock Blasters and Lazor Beams. What could have my lv14 Hooka do? Yes, nothing. The same thing happened everytime. Little 54N77U, Headquarters 16. Everyday i was hoping to find a bit easier base. But no, it was the same all the time. I even tried to drop down to under 300VP. But yeah, then nobody attacked. I dumped that account for few weeks. I came back. I was so happy when it started to get easier from the Lv48 guys. But, as i needed more resources, more Victory Points i got. Then, one day. I saw a guy in my TF using warriors and just steamrolling every base. I was thinking: "What if i use warriors too...?"
  Next day began my first warrior attack for ages. I was nervous cause the base i attacked, was Headquarters 18. I knew a bit how "Smokey Warriors" works. So, i pretty much steamrolled that base. I was literally Super happy then. For 2 weeks i've use warriors. They are lv11 for me, and i am still Headquarters 16. Now i'm setting new challenges myself, like collect 80 intels as a Hq16 in a week. I'm currently at 55 (Reply if Yes, if you think i can make it. Currently it's Thursday.) I've already raided 2 Hq20s and many, many Hq18 and Hq19!
  If you think Booms Matchamaking is ♥♥♥♥ed up, no it's not. Just change your strategy and ask more help from your Force mates. I couldn't raid Hq19, i asked help. Then i raided it.
  I'm really thankful if you read whole story. I hope it can help you with your own problems.