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Author Topic: how do I save a formatted forum post  (Read 73 times)

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how do I save a formatted forum post
« on: Nov 14, 2016, 12:00 AM »
I made a recruitment post with pictures, how can I save it to paste elsewhere? I want to keep fonts, colors intact, the 2 pictures are hosted on timypic, thnx.
 Here is the post.

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how do I save a formatted forum post
« Reply #1 on: Nov 17, 2016, 12:00 AM »
What you are looking to copy (thus save) are the html font tags (font, color, size) as well as the pic tags. Your browser, doing it's job, is stripping out those tags as it uses them for presentation (as it should). When you copy the contents the text body is there (so it hence then may be copied) but not the tags.
 Your options:
 + Some browsers allow you to view html source, thus allowing for copying  and saving the tags along with the text. Beware: you will be overwhelmed with html code and have to edit out (remove) the non font tags.
 + Learn simple html tags and create them in your backup copy.
 + Some apps (certain versions of Word for example) can create html tags for you.
 Unless you have a backup source with the tags included, you will always have to reformat the non-standard text each time you reuse it.
 If somebody knows of a simple and free basic html editor (I don't), maybe they can suggest it.

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how do I save a formatted forum post
« Reply #2 on: Dec 06, 2016, 12:00 AM »
We have 3 task forces for you to consider
WOODLAKE #88002JIs a 50 man tf, accepts everyone, in this tf we will teach you the basics of the game, when to use certain troop combos, basic base layouts and how to do ops, In this tf there are no intel requirements or performance standards you need to achieve, just that you play the game, you do need to be active and not miss too many ops, we are laid back and play to have fun,


woodlake Pro #90CRCC0L Is a 25 man tf that requires 200vp and 20 Intel per week, in this tf we go into more detailed game play and compete in harder ops, but still laid back

 WOODLAKE ELITE #8JR9JYGU, Is a competitive 25 man tf, We do not expect you to boost, you will be expected to not miss ops. Just be active, you play you stay. we have players that specialize in RZM, HZM, CRZM, CHZM, HOOKA, AZ, SMOOKA and WARRIORS, we are well rounded and are eager to teach, We also have 40 Intel per week requirement, if you do not meet the requirements and get kicked out I will make a spot for you in one of our other taskforces.

 In both task forces we do daily ops we try to start one op as soon as one ends, we are looking for long term members, not hoppers. We provide detailed base notes so everyone is on the same page, if you don't agree with the base notes, let's talk about it in chat, on weekends we may do "save the core" or "same troop" to mix things up, we have never kicked a player because of performance, we focus on developing you into a base destroying machine, when you get stronger we get stronger
 Ranks are not given out they are earned, if you are an officer it's because you are active in chat, an Intel leader, are helpful with base layouts, friendly challenges and have taken the lead in ops and have come up with successful base notes. Coleaders are successful officers, no exceptions. we do not have room for any drama.

 We are always looking for high level players that have gotten bored with the game and want to have a more relaxed role and pass there knowledge on to newer members.

 We don't care what statues you use,