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Author Topic: Boom Beach Blog #1  (Read 216 times)

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Boom Beach Blog #1
« on: Aug 28, 2016, 01:00 AM »
Ok so I made a post on my blog about Boom Beach. I just started blogging so this is something new to me. I ain't very good at it but hopefully you'll guys and gals like it. If not, comments, suggestions and/or feedback are all welcomed! Well, enjoy:
 Has anyone ever played Boom Beach? Let me talk to you a little about this game. In Boom Beach you start out as an island owner which you have to defend from other players. In order to progress you must collect gold, wood, stone and iron. Without these, you won't get far. As the island owner you must use offensive and defensive strategy in order to become the best. This game is made by Supercell (Yes the dudes that made Clash of Clans).
 Here is a trailer of Boom Beach:
 Awesome video huh? You damn sure it is! This game has awesome graphics, awesome sounds and epic battles! What more can you ask for? You get to attack with rifleman, zookas (Women with bazookas!), big muscular guys with machine guns, tanks and tanks with a flamethrower attached to it! Really? Still not convinced? You get to defend with machine guns, cannon booms and snipers. They're still alot of defensive and and offensive units I didn't mentioned because I was a bit lazy and didn't remember (Just kidding).
 Also, there is a mad scientist which you get to battle. Well not exactly him but you do get to destroy his islands. He has some massive buildings which get tougher each time you defeat him. His islands goes by levels which means you get to attack his level 1 island then after you beat it you go to his level 2 island and so on. Very challenging guy. it's very fun indeed, let me show you a video of what I'm talking about. You'll also get to meet this little fella.
 This funny little looking fella with a ridiculous hairstyle is one of the enemies on boom beach alongside Lt. Hammerman which is this fella.
 Wait! I forgot, I forgot to mention this game is pvp aswell. Not in real time but you do get to attack other people while they're offline. Everytime you defeat another player you receive resources from them. What else can you ask for? You have 2 guys which you're beating their butts very often and on the other hand you get to attack other people. I ain't a pro on this game but I love it! Can't stop playing it.
 Interested now? Here is the link to their website.
 That's all folks! Hope you liked my little Boom Beach blog. Stay tune for more.