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Author Topic: ⭐💪 MEGA CRAB Live Stream Schedule/Events! + YouTuber Challenge Info - Crazy Turtle  (Read 137 times)

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Hey everyone, the big weekend has arrived!
 It's finally time for MEGA CRAB.
 I will be doing at least 4 Mega Crab Live Streams this weekend. Here's the stream schedule:
 1) Diamond Trophy Push Part 1 - Friday 10:30pm EST
 2) Diamond Trophy Push Part 2 - Saturday 2pm EST
 3) Diamond Trophy Push Part 3 - Sunday 3pm EST
 4) Mega Crab SPECIAL EVENT featuring Opdestroy - Saturday 6pm EST
 This event will have PRIZES. We're also going to be testing out a brand new stream format - I don't believe it's ever been done before. Hopefully it all goes to plan lol *Fingers Crossed*
 The YouTuber Challenge
 So, every Mega Crab, I've been hounding the other YouTubers to do a 'challenge' of sorts, between all of us. Usually, it doesn't work out for whatever reason, but this time, it's a GO!
 The YouTubers participating:
 The Chicken
 Leo Koach
 Crazy Turtle
 Out of the 6 of us, whoever finishes in the bottom 4 places, will have to sing/rap a song in a YouTube video. The song must be at least 1 minute long. Some of them already have a fairly substantial lead, but we'll see how it goes 💪
 To help YOU on the Mega Crab:
 1) Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for top level replays, from some of the most difficult stages.
 2) Check out the MEGA CRAB War Room on Hopper Network, using the Telegram App. During every Mega Crab, we transform our strategy room (The War Room) into a Mega Crab strategy room. You can post replays, or questions about maps you're having trouble with.
 Good luck everyone.
 Crush that crab!!