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Author Topic: The Cursed Archipelago - Chapter 1 - Captain Skye  (Read 37 times)

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The Cursed Archipelago - Chapter 1 - Captain Skye
« on: Mar 24, 2017, 12:00 AM »
"Commander! This is Captain Skye from The Cursed Archipelago. My crew is being held on a Pirate Island and the pirates are demanding for ransom. If i don't pay the ransom, my crew will be executed. Immediate help is required as fast as possible." - The Introduction
  - Chapter 1
  "Commander! We've received a voice mail by a stranger, who calls himself Captain Skye. He told that his crew is in a serious danger and he needs help as fast as possible."
  "Captain...Skye. I've definetly heard that name before. Did he tell us any coordinates?"
  "Sadly, no. Do you have any clue where this "Cursed Archipelago" could be located?"
  "Not a single. This is mysterious. I'll go to see the Librarian. Maybe he could help me."
  "Good idea. I tell the others to prepare the boat for a journey. I'll call you in a hour."
  Cody met the librarian called Kyle and asked about the Archipelago. He knew that Kyle isn't the nicest person ever, but he was the only one who knew about the earth...
  "Earlier today we received a voice mail by Captain Skye. He said he was from the Cursed Archipelago and his crew was being held by Pirates. He also didn't tell us any coordinates or clue where this archipelago is located."
  "Hmm...The Cursed Archipelago. I think he meant the Kypuhst Archipelago. It was one of the most beautiful and most peaceful archipelago in the earth...or so we thought. Men started disappearing, weird noises started coming out of the woods and people started telling stories about unnatural creatures. It was later given the name, Cursed Archipelago. But there shouldn't be any pirates. Even they do fear the place."
  "Hmm, definetly sounds weird. Maybe some pirates just are as crazy as I've heard."
  "Some of them are, some of them aren't."
  "That's true. Can i get a map or something? I don't have any clue where this place is."
  "Sure. Handle this carefully, since it is the only one i have."
  "I will. Big thanks to you, Kyle!"
  Meanwhile a soldier called Luke was preparing the boat for the journey. He was really happy, since it was going to be the first official work trip somewhere else than the Home Archipelago...
  "Where are we going on, Luke?"
  "On an adventure to a place where non of us have ever been. It's called the Cursed Archipelago. Cody met Kyle and asked about the place. He should call me in a few minutes and tell more info."
  "Cool. The name Cursed makes me a bit afraid but i hope it's going to be a good one. I have never been anywhere else than the home archipelago."
  "None of us have. Except Cody. His relatives live somewhere on the Atlantic Archipelago."
  Suddenly Lukes phone rang...
  "Luke, i met Kyle and he gave me something good. The map of Kypuhst. The Cursed Archipelago was originally called Kypuhst, but named because strange things started happening there. We'll see tomorrow and i tell you and the crew more about this place."
  "Did you hear that Josh? This is going to be interesting..."

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The Cursed Archipelago - Chapter 1 - Captain Skye
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Remade a lot of things

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The Cursed Archipelago - Chapter 1 - Captain Skye
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Nice story u hv here but i found a grammar error haha . Makes me wanted to make an idea about this!

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The Cursed Archipelago - Chapter 1 - Captain Skye
« Reply #3 on: Aug 07, 2017, 01:00 AM »
Awww, too bad he got banned. Mabey I'll continue the story