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Author Topic: Ice statue boost continues to apply to resource base after statue boost runs out  (Read 418 times)

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The owner of a resource base on my map has 5 ice statues. Using the player ID I am able to visit his home base and see how much time remains on the ice boost. As expected, the defenses on his home base lose the ice boost at the appropriate time. However, when I visit the resource base on my map which is owned by this other player the defenses all remain boosted by his ice statues even though his boost has run out.

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I can confirm this bug. I had a resource base whose owner had ice running out. The boosted ice continued on the resource base but not on his main base.
I don’t do resource bases now and previously it never really mattered how much ice they had as defending them is pretty much impossible.
I hope the owner doesn’t boost his ice for a while so I can see if the resource base eventually runs out but it has been over an hour so far...

Edit okay just rechecked and now the statues are in sync which must have happened in the hour since I last checked. There must be a disconnect between main base ice and resource base ice boosts.
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