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Author Topic: Yallik - 29 oct 2018 - Map Clear & Map Management for Big Upgrades  (Read 94 times)

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Going on a speed run through my map to prove how easy it is to get big late-game upgrades with pure offense. Dump your greens and blues, they aren’t helping you!! Here’s your proof. Now obviously, Instant Training is also required to do this. But I recommend having that anyway: if you care enough about this game that you’re watching me on YT right now, then it’s definitely worth the $10 a month to you.


This is my answer to the 10,000,000 times we have to try to convince people to get rid of the green & blue statues. It's not worth all that typing. Here, noobs, just watch & learn.

I'm using warriors, but you could sub in AZ or HZ here to get the same effect. The point isn't the troop comp. Point is, it's a game about offense, so learn how to use offense. Any of the high-powered strategies will do.