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Author Topic: Skull Crusher - 11 oct 2018 - Egg Rolls vs FH (winner EGG ROLLS 21 hits)  (Read 100 times)

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Offline Artist formerly known as Crows Nest

Task Force Special featuring 25 man TF Egg Rolls. LB stacked and currently holding down 46th spot on 25 man LB as of this live stream.

Forlorn Hope destroyed in 21 hits. Wow.

Big shout out and thank you to JustinH. You have one hell of a team bud. Thanks for letting me come into your TF and stream FH crushed in 21 attacks.

Cpt.Skull XP 63 PSC account
SkullCrusher XP 65 5-4-1

Boom goes the Dynamite!

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