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Author Topic: Skull Crusher - 03 nov 2018 - Critter Cannon with Dr Kavan Map Clear  (Read 127 times)

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Offline Artist formerly known as Crows Nest

Featuring limited time prototype troop the Critter Cannon Mk two. Swarms and swarms of critters destroy the enemy. Non stop critter action. The Critter Cannon level is determined by your armoury. Max level Critter Cannons will disperse 8 critters before reload.

Operation replays as well. OGBoomers2.0 are running Deep Cut (DC)

Cpt.Skull XP 63 PSC account
SkullCrusher XP 65 5-4-1
SkullCrusher 2s XP 37 3-3-1

Boom goes the Dynamite!

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