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Author Topic: Crazy Turtle - 29 mar 2019 - The Best Boom Beach Youtubers You’ve Never Heard Of  (Read 2253 times)

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A breakdown of all of the best Boom Beach Youtubers that you may have never heard of.

Please show them some love and subscribe to their channels!

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Edit by me not all the best boomtubers, plenty more out there doing great content but it is a start 👍🙂
Also going by the video comments, turtles comments have been well received by those featured so far. There is good advice here for anyone creating content on YouTube for boom beach.
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Got to give Turtle credit for doing this. He has no obligation to promote anyone else. Nice to see him doing this for the community at large.

Special shout out to 1 of the Spanish language Boom Tubers he mentioned, Papucho. He’s done a couple videos on hits members of my TF, Shock Force, have done. It anyone speaks or understands Spanish, check him out. He does some very detailed analysis on the hits.

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Pretty cool!  I have started watching a few of these guys.....I don't understand Spanish unfortunately.  Thanks for posting this!