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Author Topic: Anon Moose - 12 feb 2019 - Warships Tech Tree + Game Play First Look  (Read 40 times)

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The Boom Beach Dev Update for February 2019 is OUT and we have a TON of new content. They have essentially announced Boom Beach 2.0 with a new island (a warship).

We finally see the boom beach tech tree, some boom beach warships game play and mechanics. Instant upgrades, new resources (boom beach anchors?) and our new Community Manager. Lots of hype in this video but also some substance. The game looks almost playable. Beta soon?
Time for a Boom Beach Private Server for beta testing? Time for Boom Beach Battleship!

Boom Beach Warships looks like it builds on a lot of elements from Clash Royale (CR) and Clash of Clans (CoC) to bring new ways to attack.

Is this just a Boom Beach Builder Base or are they going to offer something in the way of Task Force vs Task Force? We’ll have to wait as they have promised frequent Dev Updates. They are still targeting early 2019 which is fantastic.

I don’t believe this will bring Boom Beach HQ23 but that is  just a guess on my part. Also no indication of Boom Beach new troops but we will definitely have a new island in the form of a Boom Beach War Ship.

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